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Smartphone-powered TV computer

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A standard for new TV's. They should have a dock that will fit all participating smartphones, charging the phone and functioning as a screen/speaker for it. The TV should function with bluetooth keyboard/mouse/headphones/etc. The phone handles all the processing, and provides a desktop-like OS to accomplish common computing tasks. When the phone has been idle and charging for ~2 hours, it should back up the contents of the phone to a hard drive in the TV.

Modern phones are very powerful and should be able to run a desktop-like OS, with full access to all the necessary files. Lots of people have huge high-res LCD screens up in their living rooms. This concept would allow consumers to avoid purchasing a desktop or laptop computer, if they mostly use their home PC for internet browsing/email/etc.

Additionally, the phone could easily function as the work/school computer as well, integrating all the users computer experiences and allowing their files and preferences to always be present.

What if a call comes in? take your pick- 1. bluetooth "home wireless phone" handset rings 2. Webcam enabled TV allows videophone functionality (!) 3. bluetooth headset goes in the ear

Lose your phone? Get a new one and be glad the old one backed up yesterday when you were charging it.

Your whole life is on here, probably the whole thing should be encrypted.

GutPunchLullabies, Feb 08 2011

Why yes, they did. http://unplugged.rc...me-new-atrix-video/
And there is an animation of it plugging into a TV, too. [DIYMatt, Feb 08 2011]


       Didn't they just make a laptop that does precisely this with a smaller screen?
DIYMatt, Feb 08 2011

       In poking around, I have realized that there are ways to make that "Atrix" do almost everything I want. I beleive I will get one. Thanks HalfBakery, or as I call it "Slow Google".
GutPunchLullabies, Feb 08 2011

       'No one can be told what the Atrix is. They have to experience it.'   

       Next I expect to see the Orpheus and the Eo.
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2011

       My phone has a TV out and supports a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse already (it also supports skype video calls, but using the camera on the phone). For surfing the web and playing emulators it's an excellent little thing.   

       I imagine in a few years phones will have the same power as a netbook, and this sort of functionality will be standard.   

       The only problem is changing the interface - touch friendly buttons look huge on a tv screen.
mitxela, Feb 09 2011

       Phones already have more power than a netbook. I would take an iPhone 4 (1GHZ, 512mb or RAM) over a crappy netbook to do my computing any day.
DIYMatt, Feb 09 2011

       The atrix has a dual-core 1 ghz processor. It's a real beast, for a phone. By the way, at some point this idea became a commercial for the real life implementation of it.
GutPunchLullabies, Feb 10 2011


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