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Super Secret Hiding Place

on your computer desktop
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I look over my shoulder to make sure I'm not being watched. Then I move a couple of desktop icons around and click three times on a certain spot on my background image. Slowly, a hidden panel (inside my background image) becomes visible and slides to one side revealing my super secret stash of computer data and paraphernalia. hehehe

Things you might put in here:

-the novel

-love poems (especially to old girlfriends/boyfriends)

-before pictures (that have no after followups)

-weird fetish pictures

-video games you've openly denounced as sexist and needlessly violent but secretly enjoy

kaeru, Sep 22 2005


       bun if this is backed by an encrypted filesystem such as TrueCrypt.
ixnaum, Sep 22 2005

       Genius! And soooo do-able. [I wish I could bun you some-more!]
Dub, Sep 22 2005

       Bun just for the title. Oh, and one for the idea too. Pity that they merged into one as they slid onto this page.
dbmag9, Sep 22 2005

       Maybe [hidden] could put the truths in it.
wagster, Sep 22 2005

       Nice way to get my attention [wags]. Thanks. I hadn't noticed this idea before now and it is brilliant. I've been looking for a good truth-hiding place for ages.
hidden truths, Sep 22 2005

       [+] Nice. You could have a window of folders that "rotates" when you click on a certain place, just like those fake bookcases in old horror movies.
Adze, Sep 22 2005

       you would have to draw up a map also with an X to mark where your stash is in case of sudden death and/or to prompt a 'Goonies' style TV spinoff - where courageous and comical adolescents go in search of your love poems and 'before' pictures. can't wait.
benfrost, Sep 23 2005

       Easy to do, here's how:   

       1) Make a folder.
2) Rename it to " " or blank or whatever (Ive done it(
3)Take a screenshot
4) Cut out a piece of it and make an icon
5) Assign the camoflauged icon to the folder.

       Viola! The icon matches the background, and the name doesnt show up!   


       Almost as evil as replacing the entire set of icons on the desktop with a screenshot! (Try doing that to a co-worker/classmate! Dont forget to minimize the Taskbr, too! Muahahahhaha!)
DesertFox, Sep 23 2005

       //'Goonies' style TV spinoff// Make sure you are a better detective than ol' Chester Copperpot. And if someone does make a TV spinoff, tell them to put several "Sloth" like heros in it instead of just one. Then we can hear "Sloth loves Chunk" much more often.
sleeka, Sep 23 2005

       [Pa've] - The downside is that you might then be mistaken for that plonker Orsino.
Gordon Comstock, Sep 23 2005

       Good plan [DF] - I will give that a go.
wagster, Sep 23 2005

       Likewise - I just gotta try that. Nothing to put in there, but it's just so cool.
moomintroll, Sep 23 2005

       Makes me tear up and long for the good old "cubilcle" days of yore. + with a wet hankie for good measure.
blissmiss, Sep 23 2005

       You just need a panic button or a "boss key" that will let you bail out in the event that you get an unexpected visitor.
Jscotty, Sep 23 2005

       [Gordon] is Orsino British? never heard of them here; and they appear to be 4 plonkers all told.   

       oh and + for a great idea, wish I could write a novel and hide it from the prying eyes.
dentworth, Sep 23 2005

       //+ with a wet hankie for good measure// Sometimes [Bliss], I think your comments are going over my head. And sometimes I think you're speaking in code to your MI6 counterpart, [po].
wagster, Sep 23 2005

       A great idea. Bun!
froglet, Sep 23 2005

       the fish swam quietly round its bowl as a strange hand dipped furtively into the candy treats...
po, Sep 23 2005

       That would be cool! I like the bookcase like idea, but the screenshot icon is cool too.   

       [pa've] *imagines hearing someone say VIOLA! in a random place* say, your on halfbakery arent you?   

       Now we need another confirming codeword that keeps us from making fools of ourselves in public... any suggestions? maybe we should make another area for this...
Seolyk, Sep 23 2005

       I'm on to you you know, don't think you can get away with this forever...
wagster, Sep 23 2005

       What's the difference between a viola and a violin?
normzone, Sep 23 2005

       One ends with "a" and the other with "in."
Machiavelli, Sep 23 2005

       Isn't it that a viola burns for about 4 minutes longer? At least that's what Victor Borge would have us believe.
zen_tom, Sep 23 2005

       A viola is a cultivated variety of violet developed from a pansy; the violin is a bowed string instrument, only occasionally associated with pansies.
jurist, Sep 23 2005

       And the viola is bigger and less popular.   

       32 buns and no fish on a 1 day old idea...this is just days away from becoming the new 'perfect idea' record. Tragically, it would be supplanting the *tumbleweed dispenser*.
sleeka, Sep 23 2005

       //maybe we should make another area for this// areolae?
po, Sep 23 2005

       I hid my (+) in there somewhere.   

       <brushes down front of tee-shirt quickly>
po, Sep 23 2005

       yeah +1, if DF emails me some easier to understand instructions...
po, Sep 23 2005

       Nice highbeams, [po].
normzone, Sep 23 2005

       norm, stop it!   

       <don't - actually! {quiver}>
po, Sep 23 2005

       You had to tempt the autoboner [sleeka].   

       Anyway, at this current moment this idea is 76th most popular halfbakery idea. It has quite a while before you can seriously talk about supplanting the mighty Tumbleweed Dispenser (currently lounging at 13th).
hidden truths, Sep 24 2005

       Oops. Damn the autoboner.   

       By perfect idea, I meant ideas that had lots of buns and no fish. Many ideas have way more buns than this, and may be better. Those ideas are in the {super popular ideas} group. The {perfect ideas} group only contains boneless ideas that have at least 25 croissants.   

       That's my theory on it, anyway.
sleeka, Sep 24 2005

       this is much better than disguising documents as .exe programs.
schmendrick, Sep 24 2005

       //+ with a wet hankie for good measure// Sometimes [Bliss], I think your comments are going over my head. And sometimes I think you're speaking in code to your MI6 counterpart, [po].//   

       Now you are being cryptic, or making no sense at all. The idea made me long for the days, when I was on the bakery for atleast 8 hours a day, in my cubicle.   

       Many of us, at that time, were devising ways to hide what we were doing on the computer, to trick our bosses.   

       What in the world part of that comment linked me and po, and a code? Was it the wet hankie?
blissmiss, Sep 24 2005

       Wooohooo!! Now how do I get paid?
kaeru, Sep 24 2005

       Hankies are nice. Do you prefer used, wet, damp, or starched?
blissmiss, Sep 24 2005

       Yes, 'twas the 'kerchief reference that threw me. And who else would you be passing codes to? Maybe I am mistook, maybe there are more operatives than just you and [po], maybe YOU'RE ALL IN ON IT! A giant halfbakery conspiracy to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!   

       And hankies are icky.
wagster, Sep 24 2005

       Sleeka, the dispenser wasn't always unopposed, there was a bone on there for quite a while, but I assume whoever put it there lost/deleted their account. Although they could have just changed their mind.
fridge duck, Sep 24 2005

       Aren't hankys more trendy these days? Tissues, Kleenex, snot rags, etc. are ssooooo passé.   

       (hanky to po, over, did you get your "hankie" today?)
blissmiss, Sep 24 2005

       Hankies are much better than tissues. Classier, too.
moomintroll, Sep 25 2005

       Hanckies are icky.
chocolateraindrops, Sep 25 2005

       Snot ----> tissue ----> bin :)   

       Snot ----> hanky ----> pocket :(
wagster, Sep 25 2005

       But the snot is already up your nose all the time anyway, so what's the difference? It's all still there, along with all the other bodily secretions lying in wait within your person.
nineteenthly, Sep 25 2005

       I think Im going to do this now.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Sep 26 2005

       Actually i figured out a way to do this. 1. Make your folder 2. Give it some weird name that no one will type into the URL bar on internet Explorer 3. Go to properties and set it to hidden 4. When you want to see it, type in that name in the URL bar and it will open for you. You can use any other safety precautions if you wish.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Sep 26 2005

       What about a USB device which is a bust with a button hidden under the head that opens the entrance to the batcave...I mean super secret hiding place?
kaeru, Sep 26 2005

       Nice one, and a somewhat belated welcome to the bakery. (WTAGIPBAN).
krelnik, Sep 26 2005

       I would think it is easily done by knowing a little html and use that html file as your wallpaper. You could use the "mouseover" command to the exact coordinates on a particular image and click (make certain that the cursor won't turn into a finger there). It would ask for your password and then call up whatever program is hidden on your harddrive with the incriminating stuff in it.
Willie333, Sep 29 2005

       Effing BRILLIANT! And I love [DesertFox]'s real-world right-now answer.
elhigh, Oct 04 2005

       This is the kind of idea that someone with the right skills (and plenty of free time) should make as a simple, instant set-up file for us, and put it into the public domain.
dbmag9, Oct 10 2005

       Sometimes I suspect that this is done on some html pages. For example: scroll down to the bottom, and go to the left, and click somewhereabout, and then off to the next link.
Ling, Oct 10 2005


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