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Sugarless Desktop

Simpler desktop with less icons
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A deproved desktop (improved by using less rather than more), which is better than Sugar Desktop (see Wikipedia and YouTube if you've never heard of it).

Follows a rule of thumb: UP to 5 choices (icons) on every screen, grouped into three, with one main choice in the middle and 2 others on each side or 2 above and 2 below.

There can be an extra permanent 4-option choice somewhere in the corner, for exiting going to next and back, or undoing.

More options can only be used in a context where there is a larger well known and limited set, for example, to choose a number (0 to 9)

Options are only shown in context. When you press PLAY the options to pause or stop are shown, preferably with only one option icon (pause) and the extra action achieved by a combination of options (pressing pause and back to start together) which leads me to the next idea: Two fingered mouse.

pashute, Feb 23 2024




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