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Change date of Thanksgiving
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Move Thanksgiving from fourth to the third week in November to give an extra week for shopping, cultural events, family gatherings of a yuletide nature. (U.S.)
juliec2, Feb 06 2001


       In certain more civilized countries, Thanksgiving is already celebrated in October. Well before Hallowe'en, unfortunately, but this provides plenty of time to make creative use of the turkey carcass.
Monkfish, Feb 06 2001

       Here in Canada, we celebrate it around October 8-13, or whenever a weekend falls around that timee.
Wes, Feb 07 2001

       I have a better idea. Let's cancel Christmas and replace it with a less capitalistic holiday.
beland, Feb 07 2001

       Why not celebrate christmas and thanksgiving at the same time? personally i like christmas better than thanksgiving and boxing day better than both but then what would i know?
nomz, Apr 24 2001

       I thought Christmas needed to be more capitalistic. <shrug>
VeXaR, Jul 11 2001


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