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Too Damn Hot Day

Finally, a holiday for August
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Don't you hate going from Independence Day to Labor Day without a holiday that you get to miss work for? Too Damn Hot Day would recognize the dog days by giving everyone the day off on the second Friday in the month. Celebrants spend the day at the beach, the pool, or somewhere inside that's cool because it's too damn hot to go outside.
mcoen, Mar 15 2001

Pool karuta http://www.halfbake.../idea/Pool_20karuta
Halfbakery link [juuitchan3, May 10 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       @5th of August in Northern Hemisphere, 5th of February in Southern Hemisphere. That's halfway between the Official dates of Summer changing to Fall
thumbwax, Mar 15 2001

       If you called it Uncomfortable Weather Day people in the Southern Hemisphere could enjoy it too. Or we could have a hot weather holiday in February and use Apollo Day to break up that June - December stretch.
sirrobin, Mar 16 2001

       Well Unabubba, you've got Australia Day on January 26th. And while Australia doesn't seem too keen on the idea of Holidays per se... Albert Namatjira, the aboriginal artist who was the impetus behind aborigines receiving full rights should be honoured on July 28th. That should even things out nicely every 6 months.
thumbwax, Mar 16 2001

       On that subject I feel the UK should have a Commonwealth day to celebrate that we gave up on our imperial ambitions. Our Queen is still the constitutional head of state for no small number of countries, of course, but directly held territories and protectorates are now limited to a few scattered islands.
Aristotle, Mar 16 2001

       Sounds to me like we've just found our first religous holiday for the Church of No-Pants.
DrBob, Mar 16 2001

       so, we would celebrate by not celebrating, right ravenswood? everyone would continue on normally, pretending that everything is normal, but all the while knowing that in their apparent normalcy they are all celebrating this least festive of holidays? I'm with that.
absterge, Mar 16 2001

       You could also stretch this Hotiday out a bit by having it during "Dog Days"
thumbwax, Mar 16 2001

       Actually, I prefer working during those too hot days - the company pays for the air conditioning. I would swap this for a Its-Too-Nice-To-Work-Today in May or June.
lee, Mar 16 2001

       Move to Florida, and every day will be too damn hot.
StarChaser, Mar 17 2001

       I'm a bit late with this one but hey-ho. You could always adopt the Italian holiday of Ferragosto, on the 15th August. Everyone buggers off to the beach or whatever (much like the rest of August in Italy then). When I pressed my students for a reason all they could come up with was 'but... it's the 15th of August...'. At the time I harrassed them with a string of toddler-like 'but *why*?'s out of genuine bafflement but now I completely understand the self-explanatory nature of their reply...
ciccia, Aug 02 2001

       15 august is the feast day of the dormition of the virgin mary (some call it the assumption of the virgin mary). it's a big holiday for christians.
mihali, Aug 02 2001

       UnaBubba: You seem to have your wars confused. Or at any rate, I've never heard it claimed before that American Independence Day is a celebration of the War of 1812. (They would have found it difficult to burn down Washington during the Revolutionary War, seeing as it hadn't been built yet.)
baf, Aug 02 2001

       unabubba, what does "Gaolled" mean?
darth_smoothies, Aug 02 2001

       unabubba, what does "Gaolled" mean?   

       in english, please
darth_smoothies, Aug 02 2001

       Here in Scotland we would have to have our Too Damn Hot Day as a floating holiday, occurring on the one day of Summer that we get each year (sometimes), whenever the sun deigns to put in an appearance. I'd call it Holy F*ck It's Actually Warm Day.   

       And this year we're still bloody waiting.</gripe>
Guy Fox, Aug 03 2001

       Guy Fox: Oh here in Oregon we're very lucky we get *two* days of summer every year! Touring through Scotland (in 1976?) we had a couple of nice hot days, I recall. The rhodies at Loch Lomond YH nearly perished.   

       IMHO, Too Hot Day ought to be a surprise holiday, like when it snows too much or there's a terrible flood or windstorm. The President/Prime Minister/Tyrant/Queen gets on the radio and announces that no one has to work today, it's just Too Damn Hot.   

       [Mephista: Yeah, like you wrote! You posted whilst I was typing. Off-topic to M: I had a big plateful of homegrown broccoli for supper, no mites or aphids on it though. I picked off the snails, not being French.]
Dog Ed, Aug 03 2001

       Dog Ed: Yes, 1976 was actually a proper summer I seem to recall. We do get one year every decade or so that turns out astonishingly hot. The last one was 1995 (or 1996); don't remember having one in the Eighties, though.   

       I second (or third, actually) the idea of spontaneous I'm-Not-Working-In-This-Heat holidays. However, I suspect this is baked in common working practice... "Hello. Yes, it's me. I feel really sick; I'm afraid I'm not going to make it into work today." <phone hung up> "Right. Let's go to the beach. Wahey!"
Guy Fox, Aug 03 2001

       You only suspect it? I know it for a fact. My dad refuses to take days off when he's sick, so he can save his sick days for when the weather's nice.
CoolerKing, Aug 03 2001

       Guy Fox, 24th May was HFIAW Day in Aberdeen. I was there.
Birmingham (England not Alabama) has had about ten TDH Days so far. I'm really quite enjoying it.
lewisgirl, Aug 03 2001

       Would just like to point out that the 'murderous heat wave' that that Vikings player croaked in is cooler than normal for Florida...
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       Let's call the new holiday The-Weather-Is-Just-Too-Nasty-To-Work Day. That way it will be less region-specific. People whose work environments are adversely affected by overly hot/cold/rainy/whatever weather would benefit greatly. For those of us who are desk jockeys in climate-controlled cubicle farms, I propose instead (in addition?) observance of What-A-Shame-Not-To-Be-Outside-On-Such-A-Beautiful Day.
BigBrother, Sep 20 2001

       For me it would be This-Work-Is-Just-Too-Nasty-to-Weather-Day
Helium, Sep 20 2001

       June through September where I live qualifies as Too Damn Hot Season, mitigated somewhat by the theorem of "But It's a Dry Heat."
arghblah, Feb 06 2002

       If you can spend a hot day at the beach or the pool, it's not *that* damn hot where you live.
ickle me, May 02 2002

       I hear ya, [mcoen]... I'm in Alabama, and it's like the 9th circle of hell down here by the end of July. When shall we celebrate? I'll put Too Damn Hot Day on my calendar.... right after 'Eat What You Want Day', which by the way is coming up May 11.... We need more stuff on the calendar anyway!
stephee, May 10 2002

       What about Yukata Day, where we ALL, men AND women, run around wearing silly floral kimonos? Celebratory games would include water polo and calvinball. And pool karuta --- hey, I think I will put up pool karuta and link to it.
juuitchan3, May 10 2002

       You just know it would rain on the actual day though....   

       ps "gaoled" is the UK/Aus spelling of "jailed" - slightly anachronistic these days, but still technically correct.
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 07 2003

       it would have to move depending on the weather, this year summer started in early feburary, 5 years ago it started in late november
andrew1, May 02 2005

       yukata day, get free sushi and air conditioning for wearing those kimonos, I have tons of them
sukiyaki, Aug 23 2008


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