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Because 'Hard' was already taken
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The swammer is a sword/hammer (warhammer) hybrid. The shaft immediately below the hammerhead (shaft length customizable) is sharpened into a blade, which can be fully serrated, partially serrated, or nonserrated depending on the preferences of the client. The idea was inspired by my Vaughan framing hammer (I'll provide a link to a similar model) which has an all-steel flat shaft. The sharpening of the shaft of a warhammer adds a lot of utility in combat. If you overswing with the hammer, the blade still hits and does what blades do. You can use the hammer head to trap an opponent's weapon or limb, and saw at it. The possibilities in combat are endless. Keep a normal hammer-sized swammer in your car/truck/deuce for use as a self- defense weapon, as a camping tool, and/or rescue/escape tool. Use it to slice bread or club and fillet a fish (or feline) in one go. Use it to enforce your control of your turf, or to disabuse rival cabbies of the notion that they have any turf you cannot take away from them. I don't care what you choose to use your swammer for, just buyBUYBUY a swammer while supplies last.
21 Quest, Aug 22 2013

the referenced inspiring hammer http://www.zorotool...PkrkCFRFp7AodoAQAYA
[21 Quest, Aug 22 2013]


       I wondered why the shank of a hammer was narrowed sometimes to almost blade-like sharpness. Now I know, what I've always suspected: killing.

       Swing wide my friends, swing wide. If you miss with the head you can always take a piece off somebody with the shaft blade.

       *noted for historical relevance.
rcarty, Aug 23 2013

       There's a historic pole-arm very like this ... might be Central/Eastern European, or Asiatic ...
8th of 7, Aug 23 2013

       Nailed it... (+)   

       In Venice I saw a glaive-like polearm with a blade that extended over halfway down the haft, like sword/axe kind of thing. It looked less like a battlefield weapon than something a Landschnekt would carry around to look scary.
Alterother, Aug 23 2013


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