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Stained glass window shrink film

Decorate while you winterize
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You can get stained glass adhesive window films, but they aren't much good for winterizing. You can get shrink films that go over your window frame that leave an air gap, for added insulating value in the winter, but they are all completely clear.

For some reason, you can't get a product that does both at the same time.

It would be fun to have a seasonal stained glass pattern on my little girls window.

This idea is too practical to be half-baked, unfortunately.

Kansan101, Oct 18 2014

http://www.decorati...mxxJC4ykaAmc58P8HAQ [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 18 2014]

Angelina film https://www.google....ategory%3B447%3B633
...no, not Jolie. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 18 2014]

Do I have to do everything around here? Coloured bubble wrap... http://2.bp.blogspo...320/Bubble+Wrap.jpg
Harrumph [not_morrison_rm, Oct 18 2014]


       I like this. And I think your daughter would too. +
blissmiss, Oct 18 2014

       Love the idea. I'm not sure if the film used insulates or just hugs the glass surface, but faux stained-glass window films is already a thing. [link]   

       Yeah those are all attached to the surface, either via adhesive or static cling. non-insulating. I came up with this idea because I went shopping the internet for it and can't find it.
Kansan101, Oct 18 2014

       There is a craft product called Angelina film which will work as well. Although it is not technically for insulating, it does heat shrink and comes in vibrant colors.
A little bit of after-the-fact pin striping would give your daughter that stained glass look.

       Nice! /bubblewrap/   

       How about bubble wrap with each bubble a different color? That would have good insulating value in front of a window also.
bungston, Oct 18 2014

       Do they make bubble wrap in colors like you describe, [bungston]? That's a great idea if not.
blissmiss, Oct 18 2014


       NB Lard. Mix with food colourants, then smear on the window. At best keeps the place insulated, at worst you get to eat it. Looking forward to the worlds's first coloured lard mandela.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 18 2014


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