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Stick on Window Frame Colour Changes

Change the colour of your upvc windows
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This could be used when someone would like a change to the colour of their UPVC window frames. Instead of changing the windows, you would stick a coloured or patterned film onto the window frame. to suit your change of mood.

Unlike timber or metal framed windows, UPVC window frames cannot be painted over. Once you have chosen the colour, usually white, that’s it for the windows lifetime. To get over this problem, this idea would revolve around sticking on a coloured or patterned eg wood grain ultraviolet resistant (to prevent fading or decolourisation) film onto the frame of the UPVC windows. So rather than sticking with just one colour throughout its lifetime, the window frame could be changed several times over.

NumboJumbo, Sep 20 2007


       You can paint them quite easily with car spray paint. It is somewhat harder to paint aluminium frames which have been plastic coated, but you can buy primers for that or sand blast it first (to roughen the coating not remove it).   

       The woodgrain is a nice idea though. I think you'd need to use the stuff that shrinks when you heat it though so that it fills the complex shapes of the frame.
marklar, Sep 20 2007

       You'd have to devise a magic way for the decal to lay smoothly over all the variations in the frame, and also to avoid bubbles during adhesion and through temperature changes. I say "magic" because I can't see it being feasible. How about instead make the UPVC clear and put multi-colored neon lights inside them?
awesomest, Sep 20 2007

       //I think you'd need to use the stuff that shrinks when you heat it though so that it fills the complex shapes of the frame.// Shirley the opposite? If it shrunk, it would pull out of all the inside corners.   

       Just Google for "Painting UPVC" and you'll find no end of companies and products for painting UPVC.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2007

       Bun for the sake of being Half Baked!
Jscotty, Sep 21 2007

       stick around Numbo, you might just get us yet!
po, Sep 21 2007


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