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Window Box Moog

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Remove flowers etc and replace with a Moog. When you feel the need to release some tension or rehearse your latest ditty, simply open your window and tickle the synthetic ivories in your chosen key. Speakers mounted on either side of your window will belt out your delightful tunes to passing onlookers or music enthusiasts in the opposite apartment block.

A waterproof case will keep your Moog dry and stop pigeons from nesting between recitals.

benfrost, Oct 30 2005

Balcony Jam tonight at 8pm Balcony_20Jam
[benfrost, Oct 30 2005]


       But only if you put in some of those flowers that dance to the music.
DrCurry, Oct 30 2005

       [IanT]//polyphonic// polyfloric Shure-ly!
Dub, Oct 30 2005


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