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State-of-the-Union Address Pop-Ups

He meant "subliminal"
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During every State-of-the-Union address (and the British and Australian equivalents, of course) there should be frequent irreverent and vulgar pop-ups. Whenever Our Beloved President goofs-up and mispronounces a word, a pop-up can provide the translation. Also useful for reminding the audience how many times he's said the same thing before, whether he's ever advocated the exact opposite of what he's now saying, etc. When Our Beloved President advocates some outlandish project, a pop-up will give the estimated cost (in billions).

This technique also applies to the spectators in the chamber. You could have pop-ups that point to Joseph Biden's comb-over, ones that give Ted Kennedy's driving record and current blood alcohol level, number of heart-attacks for Chaney, time remaining on Strom Thurmond's life (with a countdown clock), etc. etc.

Not just for the State-of-the-Union address either! Think how much more interesting pop-ups would make C-SPAN and C-SPAN2. . . . Why can't a civic duty be fun instead of boring?

deacon, May 15 2001

http://www.presidentbushwatch.org http://www.geocitie...SoHo/5317/bush.html
President Bush gets laughed at [LoriZ, May 15 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I think there was a bit like this on Conan O'Brian once.
PotatoStew, May 15 2001

       Make it like the Joe Isuzu commercials: "HE'S LYING" ;)
arghblah, Jun 27 2001

       Bruce Sterling's "Bicycle Repairman", published in the short story collection "A Good Old-fashioned Future", features subtitles generated by an AI that used to do a fine job running a brain-dead politician, but recently "spends almost all its time watching old-fashioned public political coverage, and lately it's gotten cranky and started broadcasting commentary."   

Suddenly a line of text flickered up at the bottom of the screen. The text was set in a very old-fashioned computer font, chalk-white letters with little visible jagged pixel-edges. "Look at him hunting for that camera mark," the subtitle read as it scrolled across the screen. "Why wasn't he briefed properly? He looks like a stray dog!"
jutta, Jul 02 2001, last modified Jul 03 2001

       on a serious note, this would be a great app for interactive tv. imagine if you could actually look up - with a single click - all previous statements that directly contradicted what the speaker was saying at that moment. instant discreditation! there could also be a link to vote the asshole off the air. bye bye gwb.
patchsavage, Sep 10 2001

       Yeah, actually, this would have been perfect for Wednesday's, or was it Tuesday's, address. Stern expression, candid warnings, inspiring patriotism, and a bubble tag-a-along with something to the extent of, "How could you forget us?," and have a quick camera shot of a politician from Canada or Mexico.   

       You know, it's weird, I see a message posted on the 10th, and none after. Is it fear or just coincidence?
newspaperblood, Jan 31 2002

       I remember watching one of Mr. Clinton's SOTU addresses on Comedy Central. They delayed it by about 15 seconds to give their improv team time to come up with amusing voice comments and pop-up thought bubbles. To the best of my knowledge, they never repeated this trick, although I think it's a great format for all sorts of broadcast speeches.
Guncrazy, Jan 31 2002

       I think this is a fantastic idea. On the web application front instead of pop up video you could just a have a good searchable database with a few people that are familiar witht the database sending up links to other speeches and news articles. Of course you could search the database yourself. There would be a channel to chat on. like the everything2.com website only focusing on politics and speeches and more focused on live broadcast
Protector of Mankind, Jan 31 2002

       You have a beloved president? You are so lucky. Ours is a dick.
just4kinks, Jun 01 2004

       This would make a great campaign commercial, letting the people see how shamelessly Bush (and Kerry) lies.   

       I seem to remember there were some election commercials that showed Bush #1 saying "no new taxes" repeatedly. Of course now I would pay money to get Bush #1 back rather than the sequel.
macrumpton, Jun 05 2004


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