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The Aniston-Jolie Debates

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Many in politics lament the current state of political rhetoric and spin. Quite often you hear of nostalgia, real or feigned, for the Lincoln-Douglas style debates that had discussed the real issues in more than 30 seconds of rehashed sound bytes. In general, we have to acknowledge that the state of the debate is getting worse with each election.

At the same time, we have Gore on the verge of a political comeback due to the interest in his global warming movie, the much admired West Wing TV show, Michael Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and no shortage of Hollywood celebrities and riffraff who both have an opinion, and want to express it.

So I propose that actors, studios, and networks donate time to the political campaign, but not in the usual manner, but rather in what they do best (hopefully) -- that is, by acting. Let the best writers of all political persuasion work together on the actual dialog, and then present the effort as a feature docudrama, on TV and in theaters, in the weeks before the election, with the actors and actresses portraying it as intelligently as they would in a West Wing episode

theircompetitor, Jun 05 2006


       My life could do with some scriptwriters, too.
moomintroll, Jun 05 2006

       I'm going to vote against this one although I sympathise with the objective. For me I think we need less politics on TV (i.e. de-celebritise the whole thing; is there such a word?) and a few more politicians willing to go out to pubs, clubs and meeting halls to talk face to face with the people who vote for and against them.
DrBob, Jun 05 2006

       Yuck, I'd even rather watch George W Bush than Angelina Jolie.
phundug, Jun 05 2006

       oh yeah? So why did you click on the idea?
theircompetitor, Jun 05 2006

       Republican writer: "I think we should concentrate on the current administration's tax breaks to corporates"   

       Democrat writer: "Well I think more time should be given to an unnecessary war with no get-out plan"   

       --ten minutes later--   

       Republican writer: "Well if that's the way you want it..."   

       Democrat writer: "Ok then, outside, now."   

       It will never work, but I like the idea. Neutral.   

       PS Sp: Aniston
wagster, Jun 05 2006

       Believe it or not, it would probably bring more substance than what we've currently got. I'm waiting for the next round of 'values initiatives' to rouse up the republican base, (like the defense of marriage act) and the minimum wage proposals to rouse up the democrats. It's the same thing, year in, year out. What we really need to be able to do is vote out the long-term staffers that have been there through multiple congresscritters, advising them the same lines of b.s. over and over again.   

       Privately, I'm fed up. All of the Washington incumbents I have a say over are getting a thumbs down from me, except for Carl Levin. He can stay.   

       I want the Bush administration humbled. Severely.
RayfordSteele, Jun 06 2006

       This has nothing to do with party allegiances. And UB -- scripted, not open debate -- God help us.   

       Scripted, so it's written like good drama. It's just read by actors, so it both looks believable and more interesting than the usual talking heads.
theircompetitor, Jun 06 2006

       //humbled// sp: castrated
wagster, Jun 06 2006

       Not a big fan of Tony Blair then?
wagster, Jun 06 2006

       Why does everyone deliberately misinterpret the idea? Goes to shows you how important appearances are, doesn't it :)   

       The idea is not to use actors to push their own views -- in fact, for all I know, they could be opposite views.   

       The idea is to have them act out as eloquent spokepeople (which they know how to do) of the best minds of the underlying political philosophy.
theircompetitor, Jun 06 2006

       //Why does everyone deliberately misinterpret the idea?//

I didn't :0(
DrBob, Jun 06 2006

       Ronald Reagan and (to a lesser extent) Arnold Schwarzenegger show us glimpses of this idea in full reality.   

       As for the Aniston/Jolie debate, I think I'll vote for Jolie - it was close, but sultry and brooding won out over sassy and cute in the end.
zen_tom, Jun 06 2006

       I miss Perot:   

       "Tonight's fun has consisted of 1/3 horseflop from the left, and 1/3 gobwash from the right. To clarify, I have a pie chart." :-)
reensure, Jun 06 2006

       Did the original version of this idea have something about wrestling in it? I assume it would be scripted wrestling.
bungston, Jun 08 2006

       Actually, UB, you keep misinterpreting it, I think -- I'm just not sure if it's deliberate :)   

       The actors in questions are not meant to represent their own opinions -- of which we already get plenty today,
theircompetitor, Jun 08 2006

       I wondered if on West Wing, Alan Alda was truly a conservative, or just playing one.   

       I think this idea was really baked in West Wing during the debates. But if you wanna throw t's and a's and lips in there for more interest, have at it.
dentworth, Jun 09 2006

       Word of the week "Horseflop". Snigger.
squeak, Jun 09 2006

       almost there...
theircompetitor, Jul 22 2015

       Mud ? or Jello.
FlyingToaster, Jul 23 2015


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