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Stealth Subfloor Subwoofer

For remodels and multi purpose rooms.
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In home theater and high end stereo installations there is frequently the need to make provision for components not supported in the initial architecture. This is especially true if the system is be installed in an unobtrusive fashion. In addition to the fact that the space may not have been designed for an acoustical system the components can sometimes be relatively bulky. Tucking components into the walls and ceiling is convenient but adds substantial expense especially in historical homes. The act of cutting new holes in the walls is to be avoided. One solution that I propose is the hybridization of HVAC registers to serve as the ports of of acoustic bass and sub-woofer monitors. This position has numerous benefits. First it allows for the firm mounting of the sub-woofer to the floor itself substantially improving the fidelity of movie soundtrack effects. The floor can also act as a massive acoustic baffle and imparting a larger sweet spot for audible bass. Since the position is already hidden there need be no visible wires. There should be less need for vibration damping than an in-wall system due to the more rigid structure of the floor members. The presence of multiple registers could allow for the easy installation of positional surround sound using very small visible speakers. The register would still function albeit at a slight restriction and the units could be designed in a two part fashion to allow the installer to firmly bolt a chassis into the subfloor studs then slide in the driver and port, reattaching the duct and grill.
WcW, Jul 02 2011

The Biggest Subwoofer In The World? http://www.royaldevice.com/custom.htm
[Wrongfellow, Jul 04 2011]


       + I fear the concept of merging the speakers with the HVAC. For those who can afford a media room, my guess is it wouldn't bother them at all to have an acoustavent in their media room entirely separate from the HVAC vent (likely in the room's ceiling) Can you sell this to auto manufacturers? On certain settings, I can feel the bass on my leg from a door speaker. I'm. Old& the feeling still seems cool to me.
Zimmy, Jul 02 2011


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