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Tag the Builder

electronically tag your builder
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you know the scenario - the roof is 90% finished when the builder says "just off to the yard for 'stuff' " then you do not see him again for 6 months. I propose that you electronically tag the builder so that you know where he is and what he is doing. After a week if he does not return to your house, it starts prompting his brain with the message "oy remember the roof at 16 Rome Street, get back there a.s.a.p." After two weeks perhaps a little electrical shock perhaps. Get your house fixed fast.
po, Oct 13 2001

(?) Dodgy builders http://www.viz.co.u...lowpages/yell1.html
The kind of builders who need tagged [stupop, Oct 13 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I appreciate the joke but,
-tag the plumber?
-tag the electrician?
-tag the cabler?
-tag the network specialist?
-tag the programmer?
-tag the accountant?
-tag the lawyer?
-tag all workers?
-tag everyone?

       No thanks.
sdm, Oct 13 2001

       <Obligatory "I thought this was an idea to give all builders macho Proper Verb names" annotation>
pottedstu, Oct 13 2001

       pottedstu and UB: Your annotations have inspired a horrible idea ...
"Tag the Builder - Can we fix it?"
cp, Oct 13 2001

       "How's it going along?"
"Well, I'm pretty close to finishing your roof, I just need to--"
"TAG! You're it!"
"What the hell?"

edit: I screwed up and forgot a question mark. What a moron.
AfroAssault, Oct 13 2001, last modified Oct 14 2001

       This is a great idea, with one addition. Have the system set up with the Better Business Bureau, and if there are any unresolved complaints against a building contractor, place a device (such as the house arrest anklet so popular with lesser offenders in the US) on said contractor so that if they don't clean up their act, they can be easily acquired for legal action. A croissant to you, po.
amo, Oct 14 2001

       You talkin' 'bout spray paintin' the homey?

Afro, gottendamit, quit calling yourself names - you have been making negative comments about yourself and it is either a cry for help or ya just need a good f*ck or both.
thumbwax, Oct 14 2001

       … I married a contractor who was no fun -- kept telling me, "I'll get around to it."   

       Have a friend who became a BYOB (be your own builder) sponsor, since he swore he'd never build another house for anyone who didn't visit the site. Nuff said.
reensure, Oct 15 2001

       [thumbwax] - The "what a moron" comment was directed at my neighbor, White Trash Van Mechanic. He's a moron.

*update: White Trash Van Mechanic and his screaming, arguing white trash family have mysteriously vanished from their house. Perhaps Hell took them back.
AfroAssault, Oct 16 2001, last modified Nov 17 2001

       [thumbwax], now he's making up imaginary friends to blame for his perceived shortcomings. I think you're in for a mercy dash to Utah.
A Farrago Of Calumnies, Oct 16 2001

       mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. In fact roofs are not going on right now because i am here not there. Useful tip, this works on me every time-"I'll pay you when youv'e finished".
IvanIdea, Apr 17 2002


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