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Stud finder marker

Easier way of identifying studs
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Recently, i was installing blinds in my house, and found that it was somewhat difficult to use the stud finder to mark exactly where the studs were. I own a relatively cheap stud finder that i use for home projects. It indicates: edge, stud, no stud. I was thinking, how difficult would it be to add a marking mechanism in which a marker or pencil is employed to write when on a stud and stop when not. So where the mark begins and ends are naturally the locations of the edges. This seems like a cheaper and more effective way of stud finding as opposed to more expensive options like high-cost screen or better sensors.
bummer57, Nov 29 2006

Straight-Line with auto mark http://www.strait-l...CQHUB2CF3QKA4QGIJCK
[nomocrow, Nov 29 2006]


       So, it's basically a studfinder that does the dirty work of taking a pencil to the wall to mark the edges, rather than you doing it yourself?   

       Sure, why not?
shapu, Nov 29 2006

       yea, basically. Similar to the linked product, only the difference is that rather than having a "mark" button, its an automatic marking system. Part of the problem of working with stud finders is knowing when to mark, this takes the guess work out of it. All you need to do is make sure the finder is level and moving. Let it do the rest.
bummer57, Nov 29 2006

       Nevermind, this idea has already been baked... alas
bummer57, Nov 29 2006

       wow. I had no idea that existed.
Zimmy, Nov 29 2006

       Ever heard of "16 on center"? or is this only true in the states?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006

       It's mostly true in the states, anyways. Older homes often have trouble maintaining that 16" OC critieria, no matter how much you swear at it.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 30 2006

       I don't think the studs in my house are exactly at 16" OC. I suspect that some of my ceiling joists aren't perfectly parallel either. (non load bearing walls are allowed to be at 24" OC in some places & the spacings get tighter for 3 story homes for the first floor.)   

       (for window openings, you should have at least a 2x6 (unless it's a truss) above the window that runs about 3" past the opening on either side and double studs on either side of the window)
Zimmy, Nov 30 2006


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