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Subcutaneous fat for quakers

For when the mother country shakes
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This process begins with any double-skinned brick building, built by quaker immigrants.

Holes are drilled, regularly spaced, along double skinned wall. Expanding polyurethane with a mixture of long and short polyols is shot in.

When this is dried a new hole is drilled through the polyurethane through to the inner skin and a galvanized steel wall anchor is shot in and expanded; the bolt tightened against an exterior plate.

When a quake hits, the shear load will dissipate through polyurethane's flexible medium across the faces of multiple bricks. If there is a severe quake, the flexibility and bonding qualities of the medium will limit collapse.

The foam itself will act as an insulator to reduce interior condensation.

mylodon, Oct 30 2017


       Putting the "cute" in subcutaneous, [Ian]?
pertinax, Oct 30 2017

       I keep reading this as: "Subcutaneous fat for quakers"
xenzag, Oct 30 2017

       ^ me too, it's unheimlich...
not_morrison_rm, Oct 31 2017

       Assuming that the house is not sitting right on the fault line, how will the shear load not be shared out among all the bricks anyway - I mean, even without the polyurethane?
pertinax, Oct 31 2017

       The ground itself can transmit forces unequally.. If some is more rocky, and some is more clayey, also the shock wave can be lateral or even shear itself.
mylodon, Nov 01 2017

       Now I'm trying to picture a shockwave shearing itself. Do you train sheep, by any chance?   

       But, joking apart, I think I get it now, thank you.
pertinax, Nov 01 2017


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