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Stick Figure Reflective Outerwear

Combines safety for dimmer light conditions with style.
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This would be a matching set of pants and hooded pull-over made of quality, lightweight, windbreaker-type material for people who like to walk, jog, run, or whatever outdoors. The material should resist wind and rain, but allow the wearer to remain comfortable while exercising.

To make sure these diehard athletes are visible to motorists during the darker evenings of fall and even in the dark of night, reflective strips would be built into the 2-piece outfit. Although these exist already, the difference I propose is that the reflective strips be fashioned into a stick-figure outline, to better represent the figure of a human, and to look cool at night. (Imagine seeing a stick figure walking down the sidewalk.)

The stick-figure outline would be visible both from the front and the back. The hood of the pullover would have a ring of reflective material around the rim, as well as a circle in the back of the head. A line would connect the circle representing the head to lines of reflective strips representing arms and legs, as well.

Be ready for outdoor fun in any weather and look cool!

XSarenkaX, Nov 11 2002

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       They'd look like one of two things... the stick men used for olympic events on TV shows, or ... The Saint (if they had a halo).
Jinbish, Nov 11 2002

       Of course there will be other spinoff designs as well, including skeletons. :)
XSarenkaX, Nov 11 2002

       What would this look like from the side?
Zircon, Nov 11 2002

       I suppose you could add a vertical line of reflective material to the left and right sides (tops of sleeves, sides of hood, neck, body, legs). That way, it'd look like a nice 2-dimensional stick figure no matter which side you're looking at.
XSarenkaX, Nov 11 2002

       I have heard of a gentleman in Bath (the town) who has adapted his motorcycle so it can be driven from the sidecar, which he does, whilst a flourescent skeleton sits in the rider's position.   

       What was the question again?
egbert, Nov 11 2002

       If you saw it from the side, Zircon, it means that your runner is going across the street, likely making him much more keenly aware of your approach, and in harms way for much less time.   

       I'm sure I'd be reminded of a Fahrvergnugen commercial, but + anyway.
absterge, Nov 11 2002

       "Why darling, you're looking so slim this evening. It must be the jogging."
FarmerJohn, Nov 11 2002

       Like it, I really do, I just want enough motivation to go jogging... this suit might do it. Can we have colors too? What about parts that glow in the dark? Can we make them anatomically correct with the glow in the dark parts, that way you wouldn't *really* see them if you didn't charge them up before hand or if you go under the street lamps fast enough.
barnzenen, Nov 11 2002

       It can all be done...but it's gonna cost ya.
XSarenkaX, Nov 11 2002


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