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Storm Stilts

Athletics on copper stilts during lightning storms.
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This a scored sports that involves dare-devils performing stunts on 21 foot reinforced copper poles that have moveable stilt rests for your feet. You gain points for attempting to defy Darwinian selection by standing under trees, walking on the top of hills and attempting to play golf with corresponding long clubs. Drama, poise and suppressed expressions of terror are also marked.

One advantage of this game is that any cigarettes carried by the sportsperson might spontaneously self-light ...

Aristotle, Sep 19 2002


       I will but FarmerJohn a pair for Christmas, he just loves those lightining rods..........
8th of 7, Sep 19 2002

       For people who have poor balance they might be further assisted by the use of a large kite attached to their back, to slow any potential fall or mishap.
Aristotle, Sep 19 2002

       If wagering is allowed, I'll put all my money on the guy named Rod. I understand in his daytime job he's a conductor.
Canuck, Sep 20 2002

       The team version of this game could feature contestants being connected to each other with the aid of either fusewires or heavy-duty electrical wiring.
Aristotle, Sep 20 2002

       A construction worker was killed in Ann Arbor last night by a lightning strike, and the marlboros in his pocket weren't the only thing smoking.
Mr Burns, Sep 20 2002


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