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Stoichiometric oven

easyquake oven
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Ovens are dated technology that are too predictable. The new Stoichiometric oven is much more dangerous. Instead of constant combustion when heating the oven uses a constant stream of fuel and pure oxygen, resulting in periodic explosions. The igniter is a centrally mounted spark generator triggered by a sophisticated fuel to air ratio analyzer.

Produces self tenderized meat and entertaining explosions. Possible safety feature of a locking oven door ensures no litigation impetration

evilpenguin, Dec 31 2012


       Leave it to an evil penguin to invent an exploding oven. [+] What about a Stoichiometric car that doesn't go right away but boy when it does!
Brian the Painter, Dec 31 2012

       Pointlessly dangerous and highly inadvisable use of fuel-air explosives. Have a somewhat scorched and flattened croissant …   

       Not sure about // Possible safety feature // though.
8th of 7, Dec 31 2012

       I think the idea is that you can lock the door while the cat / small child / whatever is inside, to reduce the danger of them opening the door just before the explosion goes off.
Wrongfellow, Dec 31 2012


       After awhile a hunk of meat would be tenderized from the shockwaves, seared on the outside from the explosions, and mildly cooked on the inside from the compressions.   

FlyingToaster, Dec 31 2012

       And There Was Much Rejoicing …
8th of 7, Dec 31 2012

       //... is much more dangerous. //

Done. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jan 01 2013


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