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The Black Box

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The interior of 'the Black Box' is a detailed reconstruction of a commercial passenger jet with seats, flight crew, small toilets etc. The food is much tastier but is served on trays similar to the in-flight system.

At some stage during the meal, the guy sitting next to you finishes his soup, stands up revealing a semi automatic weapon and takes the entire dining patronage hostage warning there is a bomb somewhere aboard the restaurant. This is partly done as a musical with intermittent dance routines, slapstick comedy pieces involving audience participation and 'planted' actors who play different roles in the entertainment.

The ensuing terrorist floorshow involves a dramatic struggle between the extremist and flight crew resulting in a huge staged explosion from the rear of the restaurant. Hydraulics in the floor create the illusion of being inside a crashing aircraft.

At the peak of audience terror, special 'Black Box Recorders' hidden in the ceiling take a polaroid photo of your party looking frightened or thrilled at the nearby action. Photos are then presented to each diner or can be purchased at the merchandise stand on the way out.

benfrost, Dec 31 2001




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