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restau-rant & bakery

let everyone know how you feel
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the feature of this restaurant (besides its fine french pastry selection) is a stage with a microphone, similar to a karaoke setup. patrons take turns at the mic, with a 5 minute limit, to speak their minds on whatever subject they're feeling particularly strongly about. anything goes, within reason, but expect to get booted in a gong-show-ish kind of way if the majority of patrons disagree with you.
mihali, Jun 28 2001


       have a duet[argument]
technobadger, Jun 28 2001

       Sounds like my mind!

What was I saying?
Legend, Jun 29 2001

       Don't forget the oversized hook.
mrkillboy, Jun 29 2001

       "I'd like to order a plate of overripe tomatoes please"
hippo, Jun 29 2001

       Can I wear a costume? I'd dress up like Jesus complete with blood stains, crown of thorns, and wooden cross. I'd talk about the cruci-FICTION and make fun of Christianity in general.
juan2003, Jun 29 2001

       You do that here, don't you?
angel, Jun 29 2001

       juan - you don't have to have your rant here. Save it for therestaurant -sheez when are you gonna give up on the religious thing? You should get some therapy.
goff, Jun 29 2001

       I'd say that the only taboo topic is the quality of the pastry. If the crowd agreed, a riot might ensue. Then, where would we go for a rant and a cruller?
juliec2, Jun 29 2001

futurebird, Jul 08 2001

       I guess it would be pretty much like the Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London, only that people would be only interested in their food more than anything else...
LoneRifle, Mar 10 2003


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