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teppanyaki chef puppets

A bit of dinner theatre
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There are wonderful hand puppets crafted to hold a fine cutting blade seemingly in the hands of the character they portray. The chefs don theses puppets to chop and mince whilst you enjoy a little skit of food drama in the preparation of your dinner. Some chefs even practice ventriloquism to throw their voice in the direction of the scene, thereby completing the entire experience of the tiny theatre.

Characters are from a range of nursery rhymes, popular movies, classic literature and real life. Choose an entrée from the menu at the Puppet restaurant and be delighted with the darling presentation.

Seasonal themes include the Halloween specials: Lizzie Borden Steak Splatter, Hannibal Leckter’s Silent Lamb or Terminator Teriyaki.

Have some fun!

xandram, Oct 27 2008


       Swedish Chef
hippo, Oct 27 2008

       //a range of nursery rhymes// I'm thinking some kind of Humpty Dumpty omelette scenario - Oh the humanity! (Eggigity?)
zen_tom, Oct 27 2008

       //a range of nursery rhymes// Mary had a little lamb with mint sauce
hippo, Oct 27 2008

       //a range of nursery rhymes// Cockles and Muscles Alive-Alive-Oh the humanity! (Moluscitude?)
zen_tom, Oct 27 2008

       //a range of nursery rhymes// He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum/ And was the subject of a damning Environmental Health and Food Hygiene inspection.
hippo, Oct 27 2008

       ...well the Swedish Chef was an entire puppet himself. These are hand puppets, but I like your jokes anyway.
xandram, Oct 27 2008


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