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Stork Ornithopter Drones

For delivery to homes
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It is convenient that a stork is a large bird, and that we do know how to build working ornithopters. SO, the lighter-weight is a stork- shaped ornithopter (say built from carbon-fiber parts), the more it can carry. Such as, of course, a baby born in a hospital.
Vernon, Oct 28 2015

Redundant Baby_20delivery_20by_20stork
[Voice, Oct 29 2015]


       I will agree that this Idea is similar to the linked one, but the focus here is on (A) ornithopters and (B) delivery of more things than just babies. Neither of those seem to have been mentioned in the linked Idea.
Vernon, Oct 29 2015

       Leonardo Da Vinci drew ideas for ornithopters.
travbm, Oct 29 2015

       Well, if someone ever does bake delivery by drone I agree that it would be better if they looked like flying storks. [+]   

       Around here you might dress them up as Blue Herons to fit in with the local bird population.
scad mientist, Oct 29 2015


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