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Watchable Drone Race

Property and business owners throughout the city volunteer their doors, windows, hallways and rooms as segments of the course.
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Drone racing is already a thing sort of. It could be the world's most boring sport. Bunch of buzzy little things flying around in circles.

But watching the incredible video linked, I think that with an interesting course such as this, the view from the drones might be very exciting to watch.

The linked bike course took massive amounts of preparation, this wouldn't. Property owners around the city would participate by saying "You can fly in my front door, through my living room and up through my chimney. Signs on the wall might say "Hi Cathy! Proud of you graduating!" or the like. Businesses would do the same, lining the course with advertisements, obstacles etc.

There wouldn't be much prep cost as the volunteers along the course would get everything ready.

The first link shows how cool this would be, but unlike the bike run, you'd be flying through tiny windows, into and out of sewers, over skyscrapers or through the offices on the top floors.

Charge each of the participants a few hundred bucks or so, you've actually got some substantial prize money if the course is long enough.

doctorremulac3, May 17 2022

Like this but not constrained to a bike path. https://www.youtube...watch?v=DFphM29JJq4
Through sewers, top floor offices of skyscrapers, caves, long clear tubes running along the ocean floor etc. [doctorremulac3, May 17 2022]

Instead of this. https://www.youtube...watch?v=bZvNLuC12R0
Zzzzzzzzzzzz [doctorremulac3, May 17 2022]


       I read about drone races in a science fiction novel written long before they were possible. This makes me happy. That is all.
Voice, May 17 2022


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