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Updated forensic phrenology drones

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I hear that the old forensic phrenology drones are being are being phased out, in favour of W-Band Fraunhofer radar ones.

They were always a little twitchy and the one on Liverpool St station always seemed to pick on me, so I just changed at Bethnal Green.

As you must of noticed that the old ones were pretty annoying, I mean I understand that in times of heightened security, we all have to put up with a little indignity.

Who hasn't been a trifle annoyed at a train station or other public places when the drone clamps onto your skull and deploys all those little hammers? It was like having someone use a typewriter on your head.

I always felt like a complete berk and the worried stares of others that I might be terrorist wearing a bomb vest who's had facial plastic surgery.

Fortunately, I prefer very short hair, but I can see how the old models wreaked havoc with the more architectural hair-do.

Anyway, apparently new ones are contactless, it can see through hair, and it only emits just 10 milliwatts of power when transmitting.

not_morrison_rm, Oct 25 2018


       My understanding is the old drones are being repurposed for use in potato-profiling factories. They've got the necessary accuracy, and the information is fed into some fancy-pants algorithm that runs the slicer. Allegedly, this reduces by up to 30% the amount of wastage when slicing individual Pringles from typical potatoes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2018

       Hey this gives me an idea, they could use some alternate frequency of light or Thz waves to see the scalp through the hair. That way they could update the AI face readers to include head shape...
beanangel, Oct 25 2018

       If you use microwaves you can see the brain. Takes a while, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2018


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