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Voice Response Paper

responds to simple commands
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--Imagine paper/ink combo that responds to simple commands, i.e. 'hilight scores' or 'bold total'. The technology is almost up to it: someone's invented ink that can 'print' solar cells; how far big a leap is it to imagine an ink that can brighten or darken on command? Someone else has paper with an embedded grid that transmits from a special 'pen' via bluetooth to a computer; so how far are we from reversing that connection? Somewhere we're real close to a melding of paper that has 'power' to an ink that can emphasize or hide text. --I'm thinking it's about the only thing that will keep newspapers from going belly up too...
Steamboat, Sep 06 2010


       Why stop there? How about self-aware paper/ink combos? Or perhaps they might have Genuine People Personalities (tip-o-the-hat to Douglas Adams), and they wake up one morning on the wrong side of the folded crease --- everything you read would be snide comments...
Grogster, Sep 06 2010

       Automatic Origami. "Do the dishes" and it folds itself into the shape of a kitchen sink.
pocmloc, Sep 06 2010

       // everything you read would be snide comments //   

       Sp. "HalfPapery"
8th of 7, Sep 06 2010


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