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Tone-Dialer Decoder

To find out what number happens to be on that tone dialer.
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This idea has sprung from my Miniature Tone Dialer idea (see link). As [imaginality] said there, how do you know what number is on that strange tone-dialer? This device reads those beeps and decodes them into the numbers they represent. This idea isn't commercailly baked, so it would be helpful (some people can distinguish the difference between the beeps, but this is faster for most people.) Not only would this help with the odd spam tone-dialer, it could be used for more practical purposes. For example, telling the difference between a beeping tone-dialer and a beeping bomb (it could be both: see first link again.) Number-based codes just got better with this! One person inputs the code in a mini tone-dialer and the other uses this to turn it back into a workable code again. Auto-solver functions available for police units everywhere, but all additional settings extra.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 04 2007

Miniature Tone Dialers Miniature_20Tone_20Dialers
The inspiring idea for this. [Shadow Phoenix, Oct 04 2007]


       So the cryptic sequence of beeps becomes an equally cryptic series of numbers? sorry - maybe I'm missing something, but I really don't see the point in this. And the beeping bomb thing really confuses me.
lostdog, Oct 06 2007

       Lots of codes are cryptic numbers. Listening to beeps is just harder. And the thing with the bomb is obvious: bombs beep normally. This just makes the beeps more useful (relaying a message as well as telling people that it will blow soon) and increases efficency.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 07 2007


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