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Styles with Serial Numbers

Increasing the availability of experimental styles
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If a fashion designer devises something rather different from whatever is the "normal range" for that designer, he or she might not have any idea as to whether or not a lot of customers would be interested in it. But if one in that style was actually made, and given a formal Serial Number (#1, of course), someone will probably buy it just because it is guaranteed to be unique (at least until the designer gets enough positive feedback about the style to decide to produce it in quantity).

Even then, though, the buyer of the original item has bragging rights, because of owning Serial #1 of that item.

Vernon, Jan 25 2015


       Many of the top design houses, when making more than one of something, use serial numbers. You need to upgrade your shopping experience, [Vernon].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2015

       "one off".
FlyingToaster, Jan 25 2015

       [MaxwellBuchanan], you may be missing the point here. The Idea is about making just ONE item, then waiting for feedback about whether or not to make more. Sure, if the designer is making some variation of a known popular thing, I can see it being reasonable to assume that lots of them can be made without market research, and of course given serial numbers. But this Idea is about experimental styles regarding which the designer has no notion if it will be popular.
Vernon, Jan 25 2015

       //when making more than one of something// sounds like your own shopping habits are slipping too, [max].
pocmloc, Jan 25 2015

       //you may be missing the point here//   

       Well, designers do generally just make one, and then run it down the catwalk to see if it's popular.   

       //sounds like your own shopping habits are slipping too// I never buy one-offs. When you hit that happy jackpot of finding a good tailor _and_ a good cloth, it makes much more sense to have half a dozen suits run up at the same time.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2015

       Well I suppose that makes sense, if you don't retain your tailors on staff.
pocmloc, Jan 25 2015

       Many are assemblies of duct tape, glue, card board, and spray paint. The 2nd one made is likely a better fitting better made item and might be a real wearable garment.
popbottle, Jan 26 2015


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