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SubTabs for links from tab

When I open a link, instead of opening in a new tab open in a subtab
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Tab1 | Tab2 | CurrentOpenTab3 | Tab4 | Tab5
.. Hello and welcome to page 3
.. click HERE for seeing page 3a
.. click HERE for seeing page 3b
.. ________ clicked 'open 3b in new tab' _____

Tab1 | Tab2 | CurrentOpenTab3 | Tab4 | Tab5
..................| Tab3a | CurrentOpenTab3b | ...
.. Hello and welcome to page 3b
.. -- the only reason Tab3a is on the left is because you previously opened it from Tab3

You can drag tabs from submenu to main menu etc.
Any amount of levels is permitted
When a tab is shown only its immediate submenu is shown with it.
When a tab is closed but has subtabs an indecation can be shown on the tab, thus:

Tab1 | Tab2 >> | CurrentOpenTab3 | Tab4 | Tab5
pashute, Feb 24 2010

Wikipedia – displaying a graph http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Graph_drawing
zen_tom, you can represent a net structure in 2D just fine. You can just draw a net like you would draw a spiderweb, or a thought map. To prevent large graphs from being unwieldy, you could zoom in to the current tab and show only its neighbors, and when a neighbor is selected, put it in the center and show only that tab’s neighbors. [Rory O'Kane, Mar 01 2011]

Tab Tree https://addons.mozi...fox/addon/tab-tree/
A Firefox extension that provides this. [Rory O'Kane, Jun 03 2017]

Tree Style Tab https://addons.mozi...don/tree-style-tab/
Another Firefox extension for this. Has more features than Tab Tree, but is buggier. [Rory O'Kane, Jun 03 2017]

Tabs Outliner https://chrome.goog...jnphhppkpkmkl?hl=en
A Chrome extension that provides this. It only shows tabs and sub-tabs in a pop-up window, because Chrome doesn’t let extensions modify the tabs interface. This extension locks many of its features behind a paywall, but it has an interesting design that lets you mix web page tabs with plain folders or text notes. [Rory O'Kane, Jun 03 2017]

Mozilla Bug 1333837 – [meta] Tab management enhancements (existing tab infrastructure) https://bugzilla.mo..._bug.cgi?id=1333837
This bug tracks progress towards allowing Firefox to replicate the capabilities of old tab-management extensions after its planned switch to WebExtensions. [Rory O'Kane, Jun 11 2017]


       If you orient your tabs vertically instead of horizontally, you kind of end up with Windows Explorer! There's probably nothing horribly wrong with that, since there's lots of users who'd find it familiar - and I do like the idea of being able to navigate an enforced tree-structure where the nodes are based on links - it might get ugly though when there are recursive links - more suitable would be a true "net" structure (an unhinged, amorphous, multidirectional interlinking tree) but I can't think of a suitable way to represent that in 2(or 3)D.
zen_tom, Feb 24 2010

       depending on your style, opening a new window might be satisfactory. [+] though.
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2010

       Regarding those Firefox extensions: Mozilla has decided to switch to WebExtensions in the fall, meaning Firefox extensions will not be able to do anything Chrome extensions already can't do. Therefore you will only be able to use those extensions for a few months.
notexactly, Jun 04 2017

       Yeah, that’s a sad setback. But Mozilla is planning to gradually reimplement the old capabilities for WebExtensions (see link). So eventually it will once again be possible to implement alternative tab bar extensions with all the same features.
Rory O'Kane, Jun 11 2017

       Oh really? That's good news. Maybe Chrome will get similar features someday too… maybe not.
notexactly, Jun 11 2017


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