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Subwoofer Cancellation Device

Cancel the obnoxious subwoofer noise from your neighbor
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Stuck in traffic and hate that you are next to a pounding subwoofer in the car next to you? Well hate no more! Why not destroy that which your noisy neighbor loves instead? With a small microphone, a subwoofer amplifier, and a subwoofer of your own, you can create beautiful cancellation which effectively phases out loud thumping bass. (Not the fish-kind). The MIC hears the sound and sends it to the Sub-amp in real-time. (Not Fake Time, which is vastly more expensive) Your subwoofer is hooked to a phase cancellation device (Basically POS in NEG and NEG is POS) and the subwoofer (Being non-directional sound creation) will generate a canceling 'thump' which will greatly dampen (based on your decibel volume) the sound from outside thumping into your car. Place your cancellation woofer OUTSIDE your car and really get some canceling effect. Something like this in a much more complex form is used in SOME noise cancellation headsets and even in Lexus cars to electronically dampen outside noise including engine noise. Just for the record this is very much like trying to jump at the last minute in a falling elevator: In order to oppose the force you must have an equal force. So you must be able to jump as high as the building floor your elevator is falling from in the elevator analogy, or you must have an amplifier powerful enough to negate the outside noise minus the inside damping effect of the existing interior and insulation.

If you think about it, and you really should, you need to have a filter on your input to protect you from yelling on your cell phone and having it amplified through your contraption. Remember: The higher the frequency, the more directional the sound. A passive crossover on the input MIC of 100 or less Hz is perfect.

Crazy German, Mar 15 2008

Noise-canceling car stereo Noise-canceling_20car_20stereo
Same idea, I think. [phoenix, Mar 16 2008]


       So, basically, this is a resonant McFly immobiliser?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2008

       It is time for us, the vast majority of the population, bombarded against our will with the (not only annoying but also stress inducing and health hazard) nasty sub woofer bass assault, to be able to actually defend ourselves against this nuisance, which hits us not only in the streets and roads most everywhere, but also more importantly in our very own house.   

       There's only that much Police can do, for now, which is a shame.   

       We need effective ways to fight the repeat offenders at the source: their equipment. Hurt them where it works, their wallet, with big fines, impound the vehicle, remove and destroy their equipment, ban them from neighborhoods, charge them not only with misdemeanor but with actual assault.   

       I for one am looking for available, effective solutions. Moving away is not something we can afford, and it is time the sub assault inconsiderate idiots no longer can get away with bothering everyone else with their nuisance.   

       I am beginning to take license plate numbers, so that when we report them it is specific and not only car color / make / model based. Hopefully that will help the police to hit the worst offenders.
Jean-Luc, Mar 21 2010

       //There's only that much Police can do//
Au contraire, I can listen to "Bring on the night", "Deathwish" or "Bed's too big without you" without getting bored.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 21 2010

       Could you tune the phase to resonate with the other subwoofer, pump energy into the system & make it explode? (Not original: xkcd)
mouseposture, Mar 21 2010

       Now if you could cancel the bass *in the other car*, that would be worth some browny points.
Ling, Apr 23 2010


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