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EMP GUN - Shoot'em As They Drive By!
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Tired of all those vehicles driving by playing their (Music ?) so loud that it wakes you up, disturbs your TV viewing and Music listening time, rattleing your walls floors and windows? Well how about a sound activated EMP Gun, (electromagnetic pulse gun). As the vehicle approaches a decible meter senses the Db level coming from the vehicle, when it reaches a preset level, say 100 Decibels, the EMP GUN locks on the sound and fires an "Electro Magnetic Pulse" at the vehicle. This will disrupt all electronics in the vehicle. The sound ceases immediately, the vehicle ceases to run and the EMP Gun then calls for a tow truck. And You can go on doing whatever you were doing without being disturbed.
ggreenwood4, Jun 25 2006

Check out the local hardware store for a Vircator http://www.abovetop...om/pages/ebomb.html
Trouble is, every device behind the vehicle will also be smoked. [Ling, Jun 25 2006]

A patent for an EMP beam generator, based on microwaves http://www.freepate...ne.com/6870498.html
Good for cars, since the microwaves can get into smaller gaps. [Ling, Jun 25 2006]

Flux compression generators - interesting information http://active-duty....essionGenerator.htm
[Ling, Jun 25 2006]

EMP gun for cars narrow-band_20targe...erator_20for_20cars
Search for EMP here on the HB to find the rest, if it is a topic which interests you. [bungston, Jun 25 2006]


       Welcome to the HB, [gg]. I am sorry your inaugural is the old EMP gun concept. It has been done here before, a few times (see link).
bungston, Jun 25 2006

       Welcome. It's good to see variations on the classics. But I'd at least want the pleasure of triggering the EMP gun myself, while cackling horribly.   

       By the way, how do you build an EMP gun?
baconbrain, Jun 25 2006

       the emp weaponry that the military has looked into consists of a a number of coils of a rather thick conductor wrapped around a metal shell containing high explosive. when the explosive is set off, the conductor is heated up, which creates a magnetic field, that is high enough to induce current in electronic chips, which fries the circuitry.   

       these are one shot devices that have the side effect of an explosion that means you wouldn't want to be near it when it goes off.   

       these devices don't discriminate between the electronics of the car in front of you, the car behind you, or your car. if you want to be able to use this thing, you'll need to shield your cars electronics, and if you want a reusable emp generator, you need a power source other than an explosive, and some electronic components to create a variable magnetic field and those components need to be shielded as well.   

       it's tough to find info on magnetic shielding for electronic components online, (lots of proprietary stuff), but from what i can tell, it involves suspending the components in a faraday cage that redirects lines of flux around the component instead of through it.   

       this means that you need to a bunch of metal shielding to your car, a battery power source, a capacitor bank to pulse high amounts of power quickly, and probably some sort of mount for the cannon itself, that keeps it from affecting the cars behind or to the sides of you.   

       at this point your car won't be terribly useful as a vehicle for anything other than getting into situations of roadrage,or becoming a vigilante high powered car stereo disrupter.   

       it would be fun though. just not ethical or practical. just wanted to let you know what the actual requirements for this to work.
tcarson, Jun 25 2006

       //it's tough to find info on magnetic shielding for electronic components online// mu metal?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 25 2006

       mu metal? i don't get the reference [absinthe].
tcarson, Jun 25 2006


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