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car remote control jammer

would like to stop those damn boom cars..
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I look for somebody who really suggest a good idea to stop the stupid loud cars music, like a gun or any other machine.
Borgeshs, May 18 2010

//like a gun or any other machine// http://en.wikipedia...ank_in_Djibouti.jpg
[pocmloc, May 18 2010]

Bass Seeking Missiles Bass_20Seeking_20Missile
Does what it says on the fuselage. [kaz, May 18 2010]


       [marked-for-deletion] The halfbakery is a forum for poorly thought-out ideas for inventions in the sense that you're supposed to have had an idea that is almost an invention - not just a problem that you'd like solved.   

       If you look through the other posts in this category, you'll find various serious and non-serious attempts at solving the same problem; if none of these satisfies you, it's not for lack of trying.   

       Sorry for the misunderstanding!
jutta, May 18 2010

       Self-deploying wheeled caltrops, attracted to low-frequency sounds, deployed in mall and plaza parking lots. That will be $5.95 thankyou.
FlyingToaster, May 18 2010

       I believe [Borgeshs] is looking for some of [phoenix]'s Bass Seeking Missiles.
kaz, May 18 2010


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