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boom boxes

Volume limiters
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There should be volume limiters on car radios. If I can hear a car radio a block away inside my house, the volume would be a tad louder inside the car, I would think. Radios should be no louder than what could be heard 3 feet outside the car with the windows up, 10 feet with the windows down. If the drugged up, deafened occupants of the car "need" more volume, they should wear earphones. In California earphones are illegle. This is stupid, because they say it interfers with the driver's ability to hear sirens and other warning sounds, but the loud radios interfere just as much, if not more. Plus everyone within a square block has to suffer as well. I guess consideration and courtesy are things of the past.
brainiac, Feb 21 2001

scrambler http://www.halfbake...0stereo_20scrambler
here ya go, then [mrthingy, Feb 21 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Jerkoffs with radios that loud are not playing them for themselves, they're probably already deaf. They're playing them to show off how loud a radio they have because it makes them feel important.   

       I'm on the second floor of an office building with no outside windows, and some idiot had a radio so loud that 100 yards away it was giving us headaches.
StarChaser, Feb 23 2001

       Peter and Mr. Thingy: The ideas you found are for remote controls with the ability to adjust volume from a distance. This is to something more aloong the lines of a vehicle-design guideline which places limits on the maximum volume of the stereos. Brain: actually, headphones ARE more interfering than speakers, as they combine speakers with earplugs/muffs (albeit not very good ones.) This I know from personal experience.
nick_n_uit, Feb 23 2001

       theres no such thing as too loud... I LOVE my music blasting and i love making peoples windows in their houses move.. If you have a problem with it.. come out and ask us to turn it down... you dont have to have any stupid ass limits to volume... and if you had that.. its not like aftermarket radios would do it because thats what aftermarket radios are for.. Factory head units suck because they have a decible rating that they cant go beyond or sum shit... Companies like Audiobahn or any that make subs would never go for an idea like that... Even the plates on my car are BOOM BOX lol
dragonboy45479, Aug 27 2004


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