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Suck Scissors

Scissors that suck hair away
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After visiting the hairdressers today and itching to heck with all the hair trimmings I think a pair of scissors attached to a mini vacuum to suck away all the cut hairs would be the best solution, also saving someone the job of sweeping it all up.
gizmo, Jan 16 2002


       <wayne's world>   

       "as you can see, it sucks as it cuts."   

       "yes, it certainly does suck!"   

       </wayne's world>   

       sorry, couldn't resist :o)
mihali, Jan 16 2002

       Pete: This looks like a more home use device plugged into a vacuum, I was thinking of something a bit more industrial for hair salons, not a shaver but linked to the scissors or a tube around the neck. Although the hair salon usually puts a batman cape around my neck I always end up with itchy hairs down my shirt.
gizmo, Jan 16 2002

       Fish.....because it's baked.
seal, Jan 16 2002


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