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The solution to the Full Drawer Paradox

well, the half-solution
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The paradox is that, when a drawer is completely full, it might as well be empty, because I can never find anything in it. The solution? Without looking, I empty exactly half of the drawer’s contents into the trash, and organize the rest neatly. Paradoxically, I gain half a drawer full of useful stuff.
pluterday, Feb 06 2003

Where socks go... http://www.halfbake...ergalactic_20Travel
Murphy had nothing to do with it. [pluterday, Oct 04 2004]


       what if you throw away the wrong half?   

       if you keep throwing away one half of the contents of your drawer until you are left with one item. that then, following your logic, is priceless.
po, Feb 06 2003

       By Murphy's rules, that item will be a sock.
lurch, Feb 06 2003

       ..with a hole in it.
rbl, Feb 06 2003

       [pluterday], have you considered where there is Paradox there is also Irony, her twin brother and incestuous lover? Maybe you throw away half the contents in your drawer only to gain the new widow of every sock pair to have a mate gone missing; the missing mates now permanent victims of your own purge.   

       It's ironic that your idea applied to sock drawers has roughly a 50% probability for working ~ and this being the 'halfbakery and all.
Tiger Lily, Feb 06 2003

       where's [half] when we need him?
po, Feb 06 2003

       [tiger] I cannot understand why people are putting sock singles into a drawer. I always find the twin and put one into the other. They sleep better that way.
pluterday, Feb 06 2003

       [pluterday], you're funny. Your comment makes it more ironic to think you have a drawer so full to begin with that you can't find anything in it. You must feel right at home here. (only teasing friendly here <g>)
Tiger Lily, Feb 06 2003

       Thimble of Lust Days has voyeurphobia?

[tiger] Those full up drawers actually belong to my husband. He never notices the suff missing when I half empty them, which is proof enough to me that my theory is correct.
pluterday, Feb 06 2003

       Countdown to obligatory Schrodinger's drawer comments in 5... 4...
RayfordSteele, Feb 06 2003

       Pair o' socks paradox
thumbwax, Feb 06 2003

       [Basie] has a point. Indulge your Conspicuous Compulsive Consumer urges and purchase a second chest of drawers. Put all left foot socks in the first chest. Put all right foot socks in the new chest. No more fear of voyeurism; No more widowed victims of the purge; No more pair o'socks paradox. Harmony reigns.
jurist, Feb 07 2003

       Definition of an optimist: someone who, upon losing a leg, says "Yes! No more worrying about getting two matching socks in the morning".
sild, Feb 07 2003

       That's exactly what I thought [slid]. I send some stuff out to the laundry and get the socks for my stump back paired up!
oneoffdave, Feb 07 2003

       [oneoffdave] //...get the socks for my stump...//
Ah, unidexter! I was thinking that that meant you typed with one finger, like me. I tried telling people that I was a unidexter, and they looked me up and down, shaking their heads, murmuring. It seemed a bit much for a simple confession to a lack of typing skills...
pluterday, Feb 07 2003

       Admittedly not my invention but stolen wantonly from Pete & Dud's 'Tarzan' sketch.
oneoffdave, Feb 07 2003

       //He never notices...//

I bet he does but he's just not interested in having an argument about it, is all.
DrBob, Feb 07 2003

       So onenotyetoffdave’s wife, seeing as his trousers were full, said “err, I’ll fix that… See, plenty room now.”
pluterday, Feb 07 2003

       Get two drawers :P
Arathald, Dec 31 2005

       One Leg Too Few [Dave]! You are obviously a man of taste and perception. I, alas, suffer from this over-stuffed drawer syndrome, and can't help but wonder if I might've done better with a wardrobe. But then I suppose everything would just end up on the floor. Ah me.
Yarr, Jan 01 2006


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