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Suction cup loofah

Self-adhesive scrubbing pad for the shower
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Manufacture a loofah stretched over a slightly flexible backing. Suction cups attached to the backing would allow the loofah to be mounted to the wall or basin of the shower or tub. Ideally the loofah would be removable from the backing for laundering.

The suction cup loofah can be positioned where desired. Raise it for your back. Lower it for your rear. Tile them to create a loofah wall. Set it in the floor of the tub to scrub the bottom of your feet or, if taking a bath, to provide a non-skid surface.

Someone is sure to point out that back-scratcher type loofahs are available. True, but this product requires no contortions so may be suitable for people with arthritis, casts or other manipulatory impairments. There's also nothing that quite compares with the animal sensation of the 'bear against tree bark' scratch.

phoenix, Jan 20 2002


       has to be a bear necessity of life, phoenix
po, Jan 20 2002

       Yogi Bare
thumbwax, Jan 20 2002

       Good job people don't often see you in the shower. You'd look pretty stupid while you used this! Nice idea though! Better still, share a shower with a Bunny Girl, let them rub you...
sven3012, Jan 20 2002

       Oh b-b-boy. Oh b-b-b-boy.
entremanure, Jan 20 2002

       I like this, I guess, don't know that I could use it effectively.
dentworth, May 18 2004

       Its a good idea, but its already been done :( although the loofah that i have seen had a suction cap on it meerly to store it anywhere, it was only an average sized one, the size of your hand.
kinkysigma, Jun 11 2004

mailtosalonga, Jul 16 2004


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