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Shower Warning

Get warned before your water turns cold
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This may have already been thought of, but in some showers the water seems to go from that nice, almost burning, temperature to cold without any warning.

I think some sort of warning device can be installed in the piping leading to the shower, or the water heater itself, or somewhere else, that can use some sort of audio/visual warning to let you know you are almost out of hot water. For example, one minute before your hot water runs out a convenialtly located speaker can play somebody yelling "YOU ARE ALMOST OUT OF WATER!!!", then you can get out of the shower andnot be blasted by the cold water.

keithbrunkala, Mar 04 2009


       Living in an apartment complex, it's usually a neighbor making a heavy draw on the hot or cold that causes fluctuations in my showere temperature. A sensor upstream could give a ping, but the warning would only be a moment's advance notice. Still not a bad idea.
normzone, Mar 04 2009


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