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steam cover

flexible cover to keep in soothing steam
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Ever wanted to just breath in the steam of a hot shower without having to steam up the entire bathroom?

Just attach this flexible plastic cover to just behind the shower head (on the pipe). It works by pivoting at the attachment point and covers the entire shower.

When not in use it simply lies against the wall and is barely noticable.

This kit includes the sheeting which can be trimmed to any size, the framework, and attachment equipment.

Now you can have soothing steam for yourself, and your partner can still use the bathroom. It also helps to prevent mildew buildup from people who like steam and so just steam up the entire bathroom instead of just the shower.

dagoikoi, Mar 05 2004

covered steam/sauna shower stalls http://www.tylo.se/page/2/13.html?17515
These have existed in Scandinavia for about five years [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004]


       Steam generators like the ones [FJ] linked to have also available in the States for a few years. A shower with floor to ceiling glass enclosure tends to hold in the steam without special seals. All that is left is to bring your bathroom ventilation up to code requirements.
Laughs Last, Mar 06 2004


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