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The Weekender

Full fashion flexibility in one-piece jumper for entire weekend
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Lets face it, the wave of one-piece "coveralls" or "jumpers" is coming. We've all seen it in the futuristic movies, and it just makes fashion sense. The Weekender is a fully functional, highly adaptable piece of crucial fashion gear for any 21st Century citizen. You can start off Friday night in an elegant, but not overstated black jumper (for dinner, perhaps), and when your out on the dance floor, and things get heated up, you can simply zip off the sleeves for a cool yet stylish end to the night. Next morning, your off to the beach with your buddies, no problem. Simply pull the Weekender inside out, zip off the pant legs, zip the shirt (with the sleeves removed) down to your navel, and now your in a breezy, powder blue number that will really show off that tan. The beauty of the Weekender is in its simple cross-functionality. Simply put, the arms unzip and can be rezipped onto the "trunk" of the unit, or the pant legs can just as easily be zipped onto the arms.
weenween, Feb 10 2001


       You could even have different styles, colors, etc. and make them all "cross-connect" with each other, sort of like USB for clothing. I like it...
tigerbeans, Feb 15 2001


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