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Tear-away beef jerky

Clothes with embedded beef jerky to tear away when needed
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In 1987, Jana Sterbak, an artist, fashion-designer extrordinaiire, created the _Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic_--a dress constructed of flank steak, if I remember correctly. As the exhibit went on, the dress rotted. Now, making clothes edible or out of food isn't such a new idea, but the concept has flaws because the food-clothing is either edible, for display only, or rots. So I propose tear-away beef jerkey clothing. One could attach strips of jerly and tear away when hungry. SInce the meat is cured, it won't rot too quickly. As a bonus, once one eats the tear aways, they could restock and reuse the clothing. The outfit would go great with a carrot holster.
1kester, Dec 11 2001


       ..... or a garrotte holster......
po, Dec 11 2001

       [po] Rapid fire.
1kester, Dec 11 2001

       Ewww, then it rains.   

       Ewww, all those people pressing against you on the train.   

       Ewww, smelling like food all day.   

       Ewww, wild animals following you around all day.
phoenix, Dec 11 2001

       thank you 1 - curtsies
po, Dec 11 2001

       Strippers could do their show & feed the audience at the same time.
bluerowan, Dec 12 2001

       [phoenix] I too was worried about bus and train situations because people might rip-off other people's jerkey.
1kester, Dec 12 2001

       I'd be more worried about what might *add to* the jerky in those bus and train situations. I've encountered too many less-than-clean individuals in crowded public transit (let alone the seats themselves!) to risk eating food that might be contaminated with who-knows-what.
BigBrother, Dec 12 2001

       I'm just glad beef jerky now come in re-sealable bags. I hate it when my beef jerky dries out.
MORGWOOD, Feb 20 2002

       If you knew what happened to the beef jerky, turkey jerky and the like BEFORE they made it into those handy re-sealable bags the issue of other things coming in contact with it would be irrelevent.   

       Think "hot-dog factory".   

       Couldn't the jerky be individually clear wrapped while still part of the "jerky-wear(TM)" ?
rbl, Feb 20 2002

       Would Muslim women be allowed to wear Jerky Burkas?
Cedar Park, Jan 12 2003


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