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Sultana Bra

Dried Fruit Underwear
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Hot Date Panties - made of (and for) hot dates.

The fibre in these fibers is perfect for the health conscious sexy nibbler and the retained moisture and texture proves a sensual and arousing addition to a night on the town.

The sultana is the obvious choice for bra material - it is easily weaved in our factory on our patented 'Dried Fruit of the Loom' and is gauranteed not to attract ants.

The 'Prune Piece' is a favourite amongst high powered executive males and repairs are a breeze - if a piece is missing on an item such as our alluring 'Raisin'-An-Eye-Brow' g-string, simply thread a new one on!

benfrost, Jun 21 2001

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       To be sold as a tie in with Sultana Bran just next to the edible genitals section in your local supermarket.
benfrost, Jun 25 2001

       //The fibre in these fibers //   

       Is this woven as some sort of fractal pattern?
ye_river_xiv, Oct 22 2006


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