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Sumerian Tablet Cookie Maker

Cuniform Cookie Maker
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as described...
theircompetitor, Aug 05 2021

got the idea from this discovery https://www.theguar...700-year-old-tablet
[theircompetitor, Aug 05 2021]

Cuneiform Clay Tablet Cookies https://www.instruc...0stamp...%20More%20
[Voice, Aug 05 2021]

Why not make the tablet out of tablet https://en.wikipedi...let_(confectionery)
*literally* the greatest foodstuff in the known universe [calum, Aug 06 2021]


       A natural for a sugar or shortbread cookie.   

       And then of course there's the Aztec Oreo.
RayfordSteele, Aug 05 2021

       I see from [Voice]'s link that this is baked, but I like it so much I'm bunning it anyway.
pertinax, Aug 06 2021

       Funnily enough, I have been reading the Epic of Gilgamesh this week (but not in the original cuneiform, sadly).

Good idea. Food. Culture. History. Yum! This product has my endorsement!
DrBob, Aug 06 2021

       I must confess hadn't had the occasion, though did read Robert Silverberg's Gilgamesh the King   

       <mandatory> wow, is that guy a reader. I heard he swallowed Hammurabi's Code in one hour </mandatory>
theircompetitor, Aug 06 2021

       //reading the Epic of Gilgamesh this week (but not in the original cuneiform// Well quite frankly if that is the level that people here have sunk to I might have to stop visiting and find somewhere else with higher standards. What next, people posting here using computer operating systems they did not code themselves?
pocmloc, Aug 06 2021

theircompetitor, Aug 06 2021

       [calum] I fear that proper tablet would not take the stylus impressions very well, it would crumble or split. And no-one is interested in the horrible commercial soft stuff.   

       Also I fear that the tablet would all be scoffed before the scribe could get started on writing the inscription.
pocmloc, Aug 06 2021

       //if that is the level that people here have sunk to//

I feel so ashamed. :(
DrBob, Aug 07 2021

       + while the cookie is baked, I don’t see the cookie maker! So I gave a bun for the cookie maker and this is so cool.   

       The cookie maker could be like a waffle iron and the cuneiform shapes could be movable so you could make different patterns.
xandram, Aug 08 2021

       //this is baked//   

       Ha! Of course it is. That's what you do to make cookies. Great idea TC. You could make cryptic 'Fortune Cookie' like messages then have people log into your webstore to find out what it means. While they're there, they could order more cookies - perhaps with custom messages.
AusCan531, Aug 09 2021

       Hmm. How about a device with two rollers. The bottom just has a regular texture to grip the dough. The top has pins that move in and out to impress patterns or images in any language. As it rolls it resets the pins for the next go-round. A thing like a rolling pin would also be possible, but harder to implement. Secret codes for kiddies to work out and then eat the evidence?
Voice, Aug 09 2021

       Wait a minute:
sp. Cuneiform

       (Damn, I'm getting slow.)
pertinax, Aug 09 2021

       In the past year I've been in the process of re-transliterating the original Anuma Alish and other inscriptions in (the original) Cuneiform. In some cases the translation that follows is very different.   

       sp. Unicorm
pashute, Aug 09 2021

       I love this idea +   

       I also agree with [calum] re tablet. I was in Tarbet eating tablet about a week ago. How come you can't find Orkney Fudge anywhere anymore?   

       Also - [Voice]'s //two rollers...pins// - a dot-matrix rolling pin? Yes! (hmm... position encoder, some kind of radial pin array)   

       And [pashute] //in (the original) Cuneiform//... thank you. Restored my faith in HB
Frankx, Aug 11 2021


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