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Teflon Pan

Simplistic satyr(e), cannot abide Echoes
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Used for camping, trekking and hunting, rustic on the outside but pretending to be clean and simple on the inside, the Teflon Pan is unsullied by use or worship and guaranteed for life.

There is a theory that if you eat from it then sooner or later you'll be screwed.

UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012


       [m-f-d] in serious danger of disappearing so far up its own navel that it emerges in an alternate universe and begins spewing it's brief text out of the bellybutton of UB's extremely surprised goatee- wearing evil twin. (Or in this case, possibly the good twin.)
Hive_Mind, Jun 05 2012

       Don't pan the Teflon Pan.   

       To be "panned" by critics has its origins in Pan as the patron of theatre critics. Sad but true.
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012

       Hence the post.
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012


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