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Sun Ra's Rings of Saturn Hat

Hat with rings of saturn in celebration of the legendary Sun Ra
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Sun Ra's Rings of Saturn Hat features a wide, transparent, double skinned brim, inside of which is contained a swirling mass of glittering particles organised in the form of a series of rings. A tiny concealed motor and fan ensures that the particles are in constant orbiting motion.

Any time you're feeling a bit low, just put on your Rings of Saturn Hat, tilt its adjustable brim to a slight angle, and make your way down a busy street, complemented with a selection of Sun Ra's mad cosmic music.

xenzag, Oct 24 2008

Sun Ra http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Ra
jazz from deep space - far, far out [xenzag, Oct 24 2008]

Edge Detail of Hat's Brim http://solarsystem....urn-rings-large.jpg
based on rings of Saturn [xenzag, Oct 24 2008]


       What about the moons ?
8th of 7, Oct 24 2008

       + 'twould be loverly. (moons on invisible wire?)
xandram, Oct 24 2008

       I did that one before, as a totally separate idea (egorrery)
xenzag, Oct 24 2008

       I did a Google advanced image search for Sun Ra. Wow, what a fashion sense.
normzone, Oct 24 2008

       Perhaps accessorized with a psychedelic, Jupiter-inspired patterned T-Shirt complete with Red Spot.   

       It could even have the words: "I'm feeling Jovial", but with the last 'L' visibly crossed out and replaced with an 'N' (I apologize now for this joke..I'm very very sorry...).   

       [+] :-)
monojohnny, Oct 25 2008


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