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Sun tracking water bowl

Couldn't find a pet:water category so this will have to do!
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Basically, it's a water dish for dogs that has a cowling over it that looks kinda like half an eggshell to provide shade to keep the water cool. There's a solar panel on the outer surface, and as the sun moves, the cowling rotates around a track on the rim of the bowl, to maximize the light on the solar panel and thus maximize shade on the other side of it.
21 Quest, Oct 07 2023

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       What is the advantage over an umbrella or a fly over the water dish? Maybe incorporate a clock for the humans and/or something the dogs would like.
minoradjustments, Oct 07 2023

       An umbrella is too prone to damage from wind gusts or the dog itself being rough with it.
21 Quest, Oct 07 2023

       Fortunately dogs tend to ignore moving bits of plastic.
Voice, Oct 08 2023

       That was a cynical voice.
pashute, Oct 12 2023


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