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Jump in the pool to beat the UV's
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What about formulating a sunscreen that you can add to pool water? Most people around the pool need sunscreen. Everytime you enter the pool you get a "coating" of sunscreen. Great for kids. They're in and out all day. Great for parents-all they're concerned about now is little junior floating face down.
grutledge, Jul 09 2003

Sunscreen http://lyricsheaven...den/Baz_Luhrman.htm
Lyrics to the tune. [saker, Oct 04 2004]


       Hmm, it's gonna be swallowed and no doubt some will get in the eyes... Got plans for that?
k_sra, Jul 09 2003

       [k_sra] Obligatory snorkal and mask would help.
silverstormer, Jul 09 2003

       Also, the volume you would have to mix might make this a tad expensive... unless you floated the sunscreen on the top of the pool.   

       "What's that horrible oily gunk floating on the pool?"
st3f, Jul 09 2003

       sheep dip, by the sound of it.
po, Jul 09 2003

       Sheep may well dip, [po], but goats float.
saker, Jul 09 2003

       ...pigs sink??...oh no sorry, that's stink!
silverstormer, Jul 09 2003

       It'd clog the pump. No thanks.
DrCurry, Jul 09 2003

       Based on the (large) amount of normal sunscreen recommended to achieve the desired protection, I would expect the water to be a bit thick. Imagine the issues around filtration (having cared for a pool a while back). An inflatable UV dome must be cheaper and more palatable.
dweeb, Jul 09 2003

       edible dome?
po, Jul 09 2003

       Alternatively, you could color the water black, thus rendering it opaque (and nasty). That way you could stay under it and never burn. Of course, the longer you stay under it, the sooner your friends will forget where you went, which might end badly...
k_sra, Jul 09 2003

       Oooh (raises hand, waiving it excitedly) instead of black paint, how about using plastic balls - much more fun, yet opaque. Or to reduce the danger issue use clear plastic balls that are opaque only at the UV spectrum.
Worldgineer, Jul 09 2003

       From Rods_'s link: // Instead, worry about artificial sweeteners, for surely they are the work of the devil, they make you fart when you’re talking to the opposite sex. //   

       Amazing... how do they know?
waugsqueke, Jul 09 2003

       Clinical trials in dilute concentrations of urine would be necessary before markketing.
nuclear hobo, Jun 09 2007

       you and your urine [nuclear-hobo]. Can we talk about something other then urine?
punk_punker, Jun 09 2007

       Sunscreen in the water? Baked, well in Waikiki atleast. It really looks like an oil slick. The water has an eerie irridescent reflection to it. It's all the sunscreen!   

       I'd just put a tent over the pool. I'm sure there's warnings about ingesting sunscreen or getting it on your eyes. I don't see any warning like this for urine, but then where would you put the warning label for that? I'd hate to see the day when we all all required to have a tattoo on our schlong that says "warning: non-potable liquid exhaust port, do not ingest, for more information, read the fine print under the skin flaps."
twitch, Jun 09 2007

       how about........water,
j paul, Jun 07 2011


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