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Sunscreen Spreader

Lather Every Millimeter of Your Body
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You've decided to go to the beach for a little peace and quiet. You've got your towel, your sunscreen, and your magazine. You're in your suit and you're ready to go.

You arrive at the beach. You put down your towel and place your magazine on top. You take out your sunscreen and lather up every millimeter you can reach. Alas, some spots on your back are unreachable. You look around for a sexy stud to help you... there is no one. NOW WHAT?

If you had the Sunscreen Spreader, you would have been able to coat your back evenly with sunscreen. The Sunscreen Spreader is composed of a long wand with a pad attached to one end. The pad has a durable plastic coating so that the sunscreen doesn't soak into the pad.

Flip the device ON, and the pad moves back and forth vertically in a "rubbing" motion. Squirt the sunscreen onto the pad and then hold the device against the skin of your back. The device's long handle allows you to reach every millimeter of your back. The gentle massaging motion rubs the sunscreen into the skin of your back.

SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW. Batteries not included.

flynn, Jan 09 2007

Flynn's Illustrations http://bakerflynn.web1000.com/
Sunscreen Spreader [flynn, Jan 09 2007]


       Useful idea, [flynn], and certainly the person in your illustration looks happy with it. It could even help draw the attention of sexy studs by making it obvious you're there by yourself.   

       "Hey, I notice you've not got anyone to rub your sunscreen in for you. Want me to help?"   

       "Ooh, that would be lovely!" / "No, this Sunscreen Spreader is all I need, thanks." (Select according to sexiness of stud.)
imaginality, Jan 09 2007

       [imaginality] I hadn't thought of it as a stud magnet... great observation. One could station themselves near studs, with the hopes of attracting one of them.
flynn, Jan 09 2007


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