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Sunscreen Glove

Disposable plastic glove covered with breakable pockets of sunscreen
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Designed to let beachgoers protect themselves from harmful UV radiation, while still allowing them to keep their hands free from a gooey mess, the Sunscreen Glove attaches a dozen celluloid pouches full of sunscreen to the outside of the bearer's palm. When a pouch broken open, the sunscreen inside is applied with the fingers of the glove. When all the sunscreen has been applied, dispose of the glove in the nearest receptical.

Optional hard plastic container for travelling.

Cuit_au_Four, Jun 26 2006

Spray on sun lotion http://www.ruggedbe...m/pajabaspsunl.html
I think this removes the need for the gloves. [trekbody, Jun 26 2006]


       So you can apply goo to your entire body, with the exception of your hands?
ldischler, Jun 26 2006

       Not quite sure I see the point either.
trekbody, Jun 26 2006

       Oh, I would pay good money for this... I despise the feeling of slimy lotions on my hands... between my fingers... eck.. I can't hardly type just thinking about it. My hands and lower arms don't need much sunscreen anyway... they are always out in the sun. But my "farmers tan" is a problem when I go to the beach, etc... so having something like this to protect the sensitive bits would be lovely.
James Newton, Jun 26 2006

       I'm thinking it's possible that I might like this, but unless one lives at the beach, aren't you likely to be //travelling// to it? If so, then I'm not sure that I understand the use of the //hard plastic container//.
xandram, Jun 26 2006

       Nice concept, and probably ideal for some other application, such as drug administration or shoe polish, but just a trash generator at my beaches for this application.   

       I'll take a walk on the beach and see if I can find a fishbone.
normzone, Jun 26 2006

       thanks [normzone] the hard plastic container is for the shoe polish....I think you are right, much better suited for that.
xandram, Jun 27 2006


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