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transparent sunscreen lasts a month or longer

Henna is keratin reactive which is why it lasts a month This idea is just attaching a UV absorbing molecule to an abbreviated form of henna to give a transparent keratin reactive sunscreen that lasts a month
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Henna is keratin reactive actually forming a chemical compound at the skins surface which is why it lasts a month This idea is just attaching a UV absorbing molecule to an abbreviated form of henna to give a transparent keratin reactive sunscreen that lasts a month

easily described how though do you actually come up with the molecule

well only part of the henna molecule is needed just the part that wikipedia says does the michael reaction to keratin Then attach that directly to a polywer like Bis (2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl) sebacate which is transparent Then you add a side group if necessary to keep it transparent

The notable part is actually finding a UV absorber that lasts a month there are plastics additives that last months yet a metallorgic based around Ce or Y might be physiologically beneficial

some of these long lasting plastic additives like Bis (2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl) sebacate are at the link

Creating a sunscreen around an metallorganic molecule We could use Ce Yttrium or Sn then earnestly prefer that it keeps absorbing UV while the decay products are at least likely to be beneficial to the human body

Monthlong sunscreens are also treatments that block skin aging more than 4/5 of which was associated with UV

I don't remember the names of the oranometallic chemicals that absorb UV nevertheless just attach the Ce Y Sn Ti metallorganic UV absorber to 2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone (henna) or just the Michael reaction part of that molecule then see if the nude mice like it

I think everyone has the right to be nude thus a monthlong transparent sunscreen is a high priority

beanangel, Jul 01 2010

long lasting blocks UV at plastics http://www.mayzo.com/pdf/BLS1770.pdf
[beanangel, Jul 01 2010]

2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone (henna) plus link to michael reaction http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawsone
[beanangel, Jul 01 2010]

Organometallic drama http://en.wikipedia...ki/Karen_Wetterhahn
Who says chemistry's not exciting? [mouseposture, Jul 02 2010]


       [beanangel], that's seven ideas so far today for you.   

       (through bullhorn)   

normzone, Jul 01 2010

       We have good friends who married just after us 20 years ago. He's from Scotland, and She's from Gerba Island off the Tunisian coast.   

       At her traditional Henna party, he came dressed in his kilt!
pashute, Jul 01 2010

       I think I oughtta start making worthwhile comments right away
beanangel, Jul 01 2010

       OK, I'll bite.   

       [+] for addressing the question of //how do you actually come up with the molecule// However: many organometallic compounds are seriously toxic. Sometimes really, terrifyingly toxic. And a little cursory Internet research suggests that it's not straightforward to predict how toxic a novel organometalic compound will be.
mouseposture, Jul 02 2010

       Don't forget to take your vitamin D supplements.
prufrax, Jul 02 2010

       // terrifyingly toxic //   

       .. wonderfully, excitingly, fascinatingly toxic ...
8th of 7, Jul 02 2010

       //wonderfully, excitingly, fascinatingly toxic// I wonder how skin cancer would react? In any case more toxic than botulism which seems casually applied by the rich and vain?   

       In any case (+) for a bean idea that probably won't bring about the end of all human life.
MisterQED, Jul 02 2010

       [MisterQED] botulism is the disease; botulinum is the toxin.   

       If you go by LD50 in micrograms per kilogram, botulinum is more toxic. On the other hand, 0.1 cc of Botox, would be about the dose you'd inject in someone's eyelid, whereas 0.1 cc of dimethyl mercury does this <link>.
mouseposture, Jul 02 2010

       title: Henna Sunscreen? [+]
daseva, Jul 03 2010

       It is precisely for the reason that everyone has a right to be nude that I would make the following addition to this idea:   

       Exceedingly fat people (EFP) also have an appreciation for a good (safe) sun tanning experience, however, most of those EFP would not be caught dead on a beach wearing a thong, much less the suit they were born with. I would propose you add a sunscreen product that, when liberally applied to naked EFP, they don't look naked at all. This might accomplished with some sort of flat black (or other color) or perhaps after it dries it creates wildly colorful patterns on said naked EFP.
Grogster, Jul 03 2010

       And lest I forget: Bun! [+]
Grogster, Jul 03 2010


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