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Vintage Soap and Shampoo

Ahhhh, 1987 Dove, a good year...
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I remember last night, whilst taking my shower, picking up the shampoo bottle and thinking, "Ahh, a good year, this vintage".

I do not know why I thought that.

But people buy things because the are old, especially wine and antiques, and so I thought someone could buy up bottles of shampoo and soap, store them for a long time, and then sell the as Vintage Soap and Shampoo.

Make some money, sell certain shampoo and soap at higher prices because they are "better years" than others.

DesertFox, Sep 19 2005

Just hold your horses, let it breathe. http://sallyeander.com/items/item138.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 20 2005]



       EDIT: Changed title from:
"Vintage Soup and Shampoo"
"Vintage Soap and Shampoo"
DesertFox, Sep 19 2005

       I don't know about shampoo, which should probably last quite a while, especially if shaken before use, but soap could get pretty mangy. If it doesn't dry out completely, it may well go moldy.
DrCurry, Sep 19 2005

       [+] changed to [ ] with title change. '94 was a good year for most California tomato soup, due to an early wet season.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2005

       //[+] changed to [ ] with title change. '94 was a good year for most California tomato soup, due to an early wet season.//   

DesertFox, Sep 19 2005

       I once posted an idea for "Finely Aged Peanut Butter", or something like that. I think it was determended to be a non-idea.   

       Taking an existing product and aging it is a stretch. But if you had kept it as soup, I too would have considered it for a possible +.   

       Age may actually have changed the original into something totally, (gross), new.
blissmiss, Sep 19 2005

       I liked the soup bit too!   

       hmmm, vintage nipple paint...
po, Sep 19 2005

       I seem to recall a company which bought the recipes for perfumes that had been discontinued then reintroducing them. It seems to me that there might be more market for that. People like smelling long ago smells. They have a direct hotline into the brain.
bungston, Sep 19 2005

       what's your problem, half?
po, Sep 19 2005

       Say, what about vintage shampoo soup? Soup that once cooked, the leftover could then be used as a shampoo?   

       Cream of Tomato with a hint of herbal essense?
Tortillini and vegtable, pureed to a fine pea green goo.

       Hungry in the shower? Pull a Kramer.
blissmiss, Sep 20 2005

       po: I knew your nipples were collector's items, but vintage?
DrCurry, Sep 20 2005

       //po: I knew your nipples were collector's items// Whoa! They are? Now I have to go dig my '1999 Po Nipples' out from my collection and put them on Ebay.
sleeka, Sep 20 2005

       Probably had something to do with the cold winter.
reensure, Sep 20 2005

       "what's your problem, half?".
You tell me.
Just forget it. Someone else has made better reference to the same thing, as per normal.

       I'll just shut up now. Oh, and whatever it was I did to you...I didn't.   

half, Sep 20 2005


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