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Super World Series Bowl

Ultimate Champions
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This would be a competition between the winners of the World Series and the winners of the Super Bowl in all-out no- holds-barred war using the instruments of their respective sports. The winners of this event might battle the winners of the Olympic cross-country-ski-and-shoot-at-targets championship. The logical progression might lead to gladiator fights though.


JesusHChrist, Jun 27 2005


       What would they be doing, exactly?
waugsqueke, Jun 27 2005

       Using the implements of their sport in an organized fashion to beat a team with a different set of tools.
JesusHChrist, Jun 27 2005

       By "beating a team," he means of course beating their skulls to a pulp with clubs that are also known as baseball bats.
Laimak, Jun 27 2005

       so like a contest between archors and people really good with guns? to see who can kill each other first
mike743, Jun 27 2005

       I'm going to guess the combat and target shooting teams will prevail.
bristolz, Jun 27 2005

       In the UK we now have an annual match between the winners of the two different codes of rugby, league and union. They play one game under each code and the aggregate score over the two games decides the winners. Thus far the games have been completely one-sided with the teams scoring comprehensive victories under their own rules and getting annhilated under the 'foreign' rules.
DrBob, Jun 27 2005

       All this senseless violence might lead to the eventual erosion of playingstock for these two great American pastimes to the point where the Americans, being a pragmatic bunch, will ditch these games and embrace, say, perudo or caber tossing, men's games both.
calum, Jun 27 2005

       Is Monster Trucking a sport?
zen_tom, Jun 27 2005

       Perudo (or liar's dice to the uninitiated) is a great game.

OK, I'll start. <shakes cup vigorously and slams it down on the table in manly fashion>

[confident] Four sixes!
DrBob, Jun 27 2005

       This might work. It's the classic combat between arms and armor. It's fast boys with bats against padded bruisers. It's American, by God.   

       It's called the Biathlon, by the way, the chappies on skis with rifles. Give them .22s and no head start, and they'll get hurt bad. Give them a running start, and bigger guns, they might do okay. But they are used to shooting at stationary targets, remember. Can the football players use baseball players as shields? Can the baseball players throw snowballs? How many balls per team? Count the men and multiply by two?
baconbrain, Jun 27 2005

       (amused) One seven.
ato_de, Jun 28 2005

       There aren't many instruments in football. Are they going to beat down the baseball players with a kick-off tee?   

       I like this idea, in an evil sort of way. Maybe you should also include skeet shooters. They tend to be big beefy guys and have large shotguns.
Saruman, Jun 09 2006

       [saruman], what are you talking about? in my experience skeet shooters are either greyheaded "masters" or wirey little guys.
tcarson, Jun 10 2006


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